The Inner Journey: Destin Gerek on KXFM 104.7 with Greg Friedman

Destin Gerek engaging in a lively discussion on the Inner Journey Podcast, KXFM 104.7 FM

Last week, I had a bit of a wild interview experience being a guest on the ‘Inner Journey with Greg Friedman’ podcast, which aired live on KXFM 104.7 FM in Laguna Beach. What made it wild? Well, the whole conversation was a rollercoaster, and I’m stoked to share that the episode, now available as a podcast, is perfect for those seeking insights on personal growth, self-discovery, and reinventing masculinity while laughing along the way.

Exploring Ego and Egolessness with the Erotic Rockstar

Greg Friedman, the obvious host of ‘Inner Journey with Greg Friendman’, is one hell of an interviewer with a talent for getting up close and personal with the human experience. We go deep quickly, exploring ego and egolessness, and how I played with pushing the edges of both during my ‘Erotic Rockstar’ years.

And then the verbal sparring begins. Greg did not hold back and seemed to really enjoy challenging me near constantly throughout the rest of the conversation. It was an unusual interview experience for me in that context. It was intense, but also had a playful fun energy that wove through it.

Debating the Nature of Power and BDSM Lessons

Funnily enough, we really got into it while debating ‘the nature of power’, power dynamics, and what BDSM has to teach us about how we consciously and unconsciously use our power and give it away. It was fun in that we often didn’t see eye to eye on things, but neither of us would back down, yet at the same time, we each held respect for one another and kept a certain lightness while continuing to push back at the other.

Transformations, Expectations, and the Evolved Masculine

Did I do something wrong by ‘disavowing Greg’, the young man that I was before my first transformation of self into ‘Destin Gerek: The Erotic Rockstar’? We discuss the desire to ‘bury’ parts of one’s past and the dangers of that approach.

Other topics we discussed:

  • How I went from seeking healthy models of masculinity and came up with creating… The Erotic Rockstar?!?
  • The unachievable expectations to be some imagined perfect ideal of a masculine man, and whether The Evolved Masculine is helping or contributing to that.
  • How can we hold onto the best of ‘traditional masculinity’ while we are going through this whole ‘gender revolution’?
  • What is the underlying message that women collectively have been trying to communicate to men over the past several decades? And what do we, as men, do about it?
  • And so much more…

If you haven’t yet had a chance to listen to the Inner Journey Podcast, you’re in for a wild ride. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my story and insights with the Inner Journey audience, and I hope that our conversation sparks something within you to continue your own journey of growth and self-discovery.

Don’t hesitate to drop your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below, and let’s keep pushing the boundaries of the Evolved Masculine together.

To listen to more of Destin Gerek on other podcasts, I’ve put together a Spotify playlist.

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About Destin Gerek

Destin is a Certified Sexologist through The American College of Sexologists Int’l. He is the founder & CEO of The Evolved Masculine, a pioneering coaching and training company for men & author of the best-selling book The Evolved Masculine: Be the Man the World Needs, and The One She Craves.

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  1. Daniel do Amaral Denardi

    Hi Destin,
    I’m just hearing this Podcast and is always good to hear you talk. Specifically the part in which you both talk about the book and how we are not alone. It is how I felt while reading your book and is now while I hear your interview. I just wanted to thank you for your work. I surely consider myself to be in the journey, in the path for being an Evolved Masculine, but there is so much to do yet that sometimes I feel I’ll not gonna succeed. Then, I hear you talk again and it gives some more stamina to go on…

    Best Regards!

  2. Destin Gerek

    Hey Daniel. I’m glad to hear you found both my book and this interview valuable. Just remember, the Evolved Masculine path is about the journey, not the destination. What’s important is that you stay committed to keep walking it. Do so, and you may be surprised how far you’ll go…

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