Emotional Intelligence: The Antidote to ‘Toxic Masculinity’ at Work

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Some exciting news – I was recently interviewed for an article on Fast Company about how emotional intelligence can diminish ‘toxic masculinity’ at work. As someone who’s all about empowering men to embrace growth and evolve, it was awesome to share my perspective on this important issue.

The article really dives into how unchecked ‘toxic masculinity’ takes root and causes harm in work cultures. It highlights research showing how threats to men’s masculine identity actually lead to more unethical behavior and mistreatment of coworkers. Not cool.

But here’s the good news – emotional intelligence is like an antidote to to the more toxic elements of male culture. By developing empathy, self-awareness, and relationship skills, men gain the tools to recognize our own biases, understand our impact on others, and create more inclusive workplaces.

Like I shared in the article, “Cultivating emotional intelligence helps men develop a more evolved masculine identity – one that’s in touch with emotions, aware of impact, and willing to challenge harmful stereotypes.” Doing the personal work of self-reflection is key here.

The article also talks about how we’ve gotta dismantle those rigid gender stereotypes that keep ‘toxic masculinity ‘going. Emotional intelligence helps guys recognize the harm caused by limiting stereotypes and develop a healthier, whole sense of manhood.

You can check out the full article here. 

As someone who knows how powerful cultivating emotional intelligence is for helping men break free and live bold, purpose-driven lives, while having better sex and relationships, I was stoked to see this important issue get attention. Growth starts with awareness. My hope is that by shedding light on emotional intelligence’s role in reducing ‘toxicity’, more workplaces will take steps to create inclusive, psychologically safe environments where we can all thrive.

If the article resonates with you, definitely explore my book, courses, and podcast where I go deep on topics like evolved masculinity, sexual self-mastery, understanding women & the feminine, and more. Together, through courage, authenticity, and compassion, we can redefine manhood and create work cultures where everyone wins.

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