Destin-ation VIP Day

Never underestimate the power of a private intensive
and how much transformation can take place in one day!

Seriously, WTF is going on with my hair in this video?!?

This is not for everyone. 

This is for the man who has already tapped into an incredible amount of power in his life. 

This is for the man who has demonstrated his determination to put in the time and energy to create and manifest whatever he truly desires. 

The man who has created a level of success that most others don’t even allow themselves to believe is possible.

This opportunity is for the man who recognizes that this area around his masculinity, his sexuality, and/or his relationships with women is the one part of his life that is just not quite at the level of extraordinariness that he has created in other areas of his life.

The man who only works with the best and who truly believes in the power of investing in himself. 

The man who knows that finding a cheaper option is usually the more expensive way to go. 

But you also know that when you place the focus of your attention on something, especially with expert guidance, well, you know how to get incredible results.

This is for you if you know that these areas that I address: your masculinity, power, purpose, sexuality, and relationship to women and the feminine, that NOW is the time to focus your attention HERE.

This is for the man who only works with the best and who truly believes in the power of investing in himself. The man who knows that finding a cheaper option is usually the more expensive way to go. 

So what happens in a VIP Day?

Well, it’s bespoke. No two are alike. This day is custom tailored specifically for you.

That said, across the day we usually address three main areas:

1: Your relationship to your masculinity and what kind of man you want to be in the world. I will lead you through a live interactive custom created guided visualization connecting you deeply to your Evolved Masculine Self (A crystallized vision of the man you are meant to become) and a series of practices to anchor him deeply within you, so that you can access your connection to him with ease long after our time together is complete.

2: Your connection to your sexuality: we will address any particular sexual issue or concern that you may have, while moving you rapidly toward true Sexual Self-Mastery and what it means to be a truly extraordinary Evolved Lover.


3: Understanding Women & the Feminine: Whether you are years into a committed relationship or you are a single man baffled by the ‘opposite sex’, most every man has things about women that he struggles with. You will deepen your understanding of ‘why she does that’ and how to navigate everything from a woman’s emotions, to her sexuality, and help her feel truly seen, heard, and felt like never before. Allowing her to relax and surrender more fully into your love and guidance (both in and out of the bedroom).

But really, arguably more impactful than all of that, is the energetic tuneup that I do with you. I will create an energetic container for you to step into and meet me at. I will hold a particular energetic frequency and use my tools and talents to connect you into your own version of that frequency. You will leave with the psychological, emotional, and energetic adjustment that simply shifts how you move through the world from that point forward.

This is the true power of this VIP private intensive.

this is speaking to you then keep reading to discover what you will receive. 

  • A 60 minute Intention Setting call with me within a week prior to your VIP Day to set yourself up for success! We can discuss exactly what it is that you want to get out of this bespoke day long experience and how I will help you achieve it. 
  • A full VIP Intensive Day of training, customized specifically to you and your unique journey around masculinity, women, and s3x – in person at my gorgeous home in San Diego, or, alternatively, at our chosen Destin-ation. 
  • Two, 60-minute private coaching sessions to be utilized within the 60 days following your VIP Intensive Day

    Investment = $10,000
    (Due to demands on my time, the price will be increasing to $12K – $15K at the start of the new year)

If you are familiar with me, you know that I like to go DEEP. If you are seeking to improve things a bit in your life, this is not for you. This VIP Full-Day Intensive is about creating deep and lasting change in your life. 

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and into connection with me, the catalyst for the breakthrough that you have been waiting for. 


Available Dates: 

November 4th (San Diego, CA) (COMPLETED)

December 19th (Austin, TX) [This option includes weekend entry to attend the Austin Tantra Festival December 16th -18th followed by a VIP day with me in Austin the following Monday). “A weekend of inspiring and life changing workshops, as an incredible team of top facilitators of Tantra, Shamanism, Yoga & Conscious Movement offer you the opportunity to explore and celebrate life in ways you may have never imagined possible!”. Slightly more at $12,000 due to associated costs and added experiences] (COMPLETED)

January 4-7th (Las Vegas): AVN EXPO aka The Big P0rn Convention. Definitely a unique experience. Contact for details…


This VIP Day Experience has been life-changing for my previous Clients. Here is an example in the form of a video testimonial where you can see the profound impact this has had on Remy’s life: 

Imagine where you will be in 3, 6, and 12 months from now, after your VIP experience, complete with a VIP intensive day, plus private coaching access and some incredibly valuable bonuses. 

If this VIP experience is calling you, hit reply to my email with VIP in the subject line (or CLICK HERE) and tell me a bit about yourself and why you think this would be a good fit. 

In Service,
Destin Gerek

P.S.  Need another testimonial? Here’s a written one just sent to me after my most recent VIP Day:

“I have had some amazing transformations in the last month since our VIP Day. It’s uncanny how much my outlook and my attitude has changed towards so many things.
I’m happier. I’m less anxious. I am no longer disturbed by things that used to really bother me.

My marriage, which I thought was coming to an end, seems to actually be improving instead. 
We’ve had a series of awesome sexual experiences that I attribute to the work that we did together and my changed attitude as a result.

I am now confidently exploring certain aspects of my wife’s sexuality that I didn’t understand before, and quite honestly used to be a bit intimidated by. Now, instead, I find it exciting. 
My wife is telling me how she doesn’t recognize me, but that she fully welcomes this new guy into her life!
You have been such an important part of this process, and I thank you for it.”