Sexual Self-Mastery

Sexual Self-Mastery is designed to help you be a much better lover, learn to last as long as you want, release any shame, guilt, or fear that you may carry around your body or sexuality, and ultimately have a much more satisfying sex life as a result (for both you AND her!).

Masturbation Questionnaire

1. Introduction

Please, answer these questions about your masturbation habits:

  1. Why do you masturbate?
  2. What time of day do you usually masturbate?
  3. How often do you masturbate?
  4. How long do your sessions typically last?
  5. What are your habits with masturbation?
  6. How has masturbation changed for you throughout your life?
  7. How do you touch/pleasure yourself? Which parts of your body do you touch? How much focus/attention do you put on different parts of your body?
  8. Do you use your right hand? Your left hand? Both hands? What is your grip like? Is it hard? Soft?
  9. Do you use lube, toys, or anything else?
  10. What do you think about when you masturbate? Do you fantasize?
  11. Do you use porn or other external sources of stimulation?
  12. What types of porn? Images? Video? What “genre” of porn?
  13. Do you get bored easily and keep changing images/videos? What are you looking for when you do this?
  14. What is the setting usually like? Lighting, mood, fragrance, music, etc.?
  15. Do you ever masturbate with a partner? If so, how is that different from or similar to solo masturbation?
  16. Do you hide your masturbation from your partner? Wait for them to leave, etc?
  17. Do you ever share this (that you have masturbated) with your partner?
  18. Do you find yourself holding off in masturbation or climax because it might affect your erection and ability to perform with your partner?
  19. Do you find masturbation increases or decreases your desire for sex?
  20. Has masturbation ever affected your ability to perform sexually?
  21. What quality and quantity of pleasure do you derive from masturbation? Does this vary from session to session? If so, what accounts for the variation?
  22. If you were to put it into words, how would you describe what your orgasms feel like?
  23. Are you silent while you masturbate? Do you make any kinds of sounds? What kinds of sound? Just when you cum? Throughout? Neither?
  24. How do you feel after you cum? Tired? Drained? Peaceful? Invigorated? Energized? Something else?
  25. For you, is ejaculation and orgasm the same or different? Explain.
  26. What do you do that makes masturbation more enjoyable and fulfilling?
  27. What do you do that makes masturbation less enjoyable and fulfilling?

Next, carve some time out for yourself and masturbate as you usually do.

Only this time, intentionally check in with yourself regularly throughout to notice things like:

Notice how you are breathing before you start. Describe.

Notice how your breathing changes (if at all) as you get more aroused. Describe.

Notice how your breathing changes as you orgasm. Describe.

Notice how your breathing is post-orgasm. Describe.

Where did you feel your orgasm? In your genitals? In other parts of your body?

What did you notice about this particular session that is different from what you already wrote above about your general masturbation habits?

Finish these sentences…

Masturbation is…

I wish masturbation would be…

I find it challenging to admit to myself about my masturbation that…

After climaxing. I feel…..

Great job! Keep going!