The Life Reset Button: Day 5: Radical Responsibility

The Life Reset Button was created by the team of mad scientists at Evolved Masculine Headquarters to help you address the root cause of your struggles and begin to step into new possibilities. Of course, no big red button comes without its share of risks. Please approach this process with intentionality and reverence. Hopefully you have some fun too while you’re at it.


  1. Reconnect with your Evolved Masculine Self using the Short Reconnect Guided Visualization

  2. Play the 100% responsibility game. write out or record how you created your current situation.
    Answer the following questions:

    -How did you get here?

    -What choices did you make, or even refuse to make that helped create the situation you now find yourself in? 

-Looking at the largest complaint that you have with your life, how did you help create it?

-If your Evolved Masculine self is a man who takes 100% responsibility for how he shows up in every experience, write out or record how he would show up differently if he were in a similar situation in the future. 

-Where have you externalized blame?

-How can you reclaim your power by taking responsibility for what you have the power to change and do differently moving forward?