Evolved Masculine Power

Claim Your Power
Join Your Brothers
Walk the Path…

Congratulations on taking this powerful step in claiming your Evolved Masculine Power.

This potent training 12 week training is designed to support you in radically recreating your life and who you are within it.

If you haven’t already, MAKE SURE that you HIT THE LIFE RESET BUTTON 🔴, and go through each of the seven daily lessons. Remember, this is not about consuming content, it is about engaging with the lesson itself and doing the exercise or practice within it. Just as importantly, DOCUMENT your process. Preferably write it out, or at the very least, audio record yourself speaking aloud about your process. This is key. We consistently find that men who track their progress end up getting the best results. It leads to a much deeper self-reflective process, and also provides you with something to look back upon, which will come in handy later. 

We will be having our first official group coaching session via Zoom on Tuesday, 8/23 from 5:30p-7:30p PT, and again, each week after that for twelve weeks. Be sure to mark your calendars NOW.

We will be sending you more details as we get closer to our official start date. 

Thank you again for making this commitment to yourself.

I believe in you…