The Evolved Masculine Path

Evolved Masculine

Claim the fullness of your masculine power, develop natural confidence, and become the man the world needs.

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Connect to your sexual energy as an energy, develop a practice of Erotic Self-Exploration, and last as long as you want in bed.

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Evolved Masculine Leadership

Become the leader of men that the world needs, and turn your passion into a thriving business. Join a community of leaders who are creating a global revolution in Masculinity.

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You’ve been gliding your way through life doing what you think is right, doing what you think you should do and taking what life has given to you. When you sit with yourself, however, you realize you’re not fulfilled. You want more.
You want to know that you’re living your purpose. You want to wake up in the morning energized, grounded, present, and ready to create the life that deep in your heart you have always known was possible.

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Sexual Self-Mastery

You have reached a place in your sexual expression where what you used to do is no longer enough. You want to develop the ability to last as long as you want in bed, to have fuller, harder erections, and to be able to attain choice over when (or even IF) you ejaculate.
Welcome to Sexual Self-Mastery, the program that will take you to new heights of sexual prowess.

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Evolved Masculine Leadership

You are ready to be a leader of men, to guide others in their own Evolved Masculine Transformation. Join a cohort of men and women on the same path.

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Erotic Superpowers

Become the lover she remembers forever. Learn the art of seduction, and how to gracefully escalate intimacy while allowing her to feel both safe and turned on.

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Gift of Puja

Discover a whole new world of adoration, worship, and devotion. A full-length white tantric exercise led by Destin Gerek and Monique Darling.

Deepen Your Devotion