I get it. It’s not easy being a man in the world today. We are bombarded with all kinds of messages telling us on one hand, what we are supposed to do to be worthy of being a ‘real man,’ and simultaneously, an onslaught against ‘masculinity’ – everything that’s wrong with men today. Often these messages contradict one another. Then add all the good and noble qualities and accomplishments from your dad (and/or other close male role models) that you’re not quite sure you can live up to, and all the imperfect things about your dad/ role models that you don’t want to repeat. It’s a lot of confusion.

You see good qualities of “the men of yesterday” that seem lost today; and you also see a lot about “traditional manhood” that’s failing us.  More than anything, you’re craving to feel good about being a man in this world and using that masculine power for good – for the women in your life, for your children, for the world at large.

If you’re longing to hit the “reset button” on what it means to be a man in this world, you’re not alone.  There is a growing movement of men who are evolving – redefining personal power, sexuality, success and boldly defining their manhood.

Destin Gerek is leading this movement – inspiring thousands of men to step into their true power both through coaching and personal example, having redefined his own masculine identity into a powerful transformative force. 

As an internationally recognized speaker and coach, Destin will inspire and motivate you to be a version of yourself you perhaps never realized was possible, while providing the tools to help you get there. He will interview leaders who have meaningful contributions to this conversation. Destin will answer your questions and offer his unique brand of personal evolutionary coaching on air. He brings 19 years of direct study, training, and active life experimentation to help you have better sex, deeper connection to your masculine power, and understand women and most importantly yourself like never before.

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