Evolve Your
Sexual Consciousness

January 16-18th, 2015
A Spiritual/Sexual Transformation…
San Pedro Harbor, Los Angeles

What Does It Mean To Be Embodied?

Embodiment is moving through life powerfully with these 5 characteristics

Spiritually Awake

Spiritually Awake

An Embodied person is spiritually awakened. They are connected to the divine and the universal. They understand we are all interconnected and that everything we do, at its essence, is a spiritual practice.

Heart Centered

Heart Centered

An Embodied Person loves openly, freely and fiercely. They are emotionally connected to themselves and with others. People can feel their heart, which makes them highly desirable as a lover and partner.


Physically & Mentally Present

Embodiment means being grounded and centered. They have a calm solidity about them that is powerfully attractive. They live in the moment, free from unnecessary worries and distractions.

Sexually Conscious

Sexually Conscious

An Embodied Person has mastered their sexually energy and knows how to create unforgettable sexual experiences. They continually explore and expand their sexual expression.

Alive With Purpose

Alive With Purpose

An Embodied Person is connected to something greater than themselves – their purpose drives them to do incredible things against all odds. They are truly exceptional and serve as an inspiration for others!

Embark On A Journey of Self Mastery that
Will Transform Your Life!

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“Destin Has Helped Countless Men and
Women Change Their Lives!”

Working with Destin has changed my sexual self, which in turn has done wondrous transformations in my life. Many thanks to Destin. – E.P.

This course has been powerful for me in regards to clearing out personal cobwebs around my sexuality. It’s helped me really see what is there when I focus in on it and the regular practice keeps me really on it rather then being able to check out or avoid it. Thanks Destin!.
Testimonial, J.K.
You have quite a way with words. As soon as you said those words, I felt like a huge weight lifted off of me, as I immediately felt, I can do that. The experience truly was a pleasure for me, as well. Both enjoyable and inspirational. I believe that it will be the kick in the butt that I’ve needed.
Testimonial, J.R.
I went to sleep last night with our session processing in my soul. And I woke up this morning with our session still in the front of my consciousness. You touched a place in me last night that was sweet, and beautiful, and healing for me. My experience with you was a gift.
Testimonial, N.P.

The path to deeper connections and relationships starts with your own self-mastery. – Destin Gerek

Why Embark on the Embodied Man’s Path of Self Mastery?

You desire to experience your highest potential and show up as your most powerfully authentic self.

Deep Masculine Empowerment

This is your chance to discover, explore and OWN your deep, powerful masculine energy. Is there a raw, primal, animalistic man inside you that you’ve been afraid to share with the world? Maybe you’ve felt unworthy, or told it was wrong to express your masculinity. Discover how empowering, sexy and GOOD (yes, good) being fully in your masculine can be.

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Orgasmic Mastery

Learn to master your sexual energy to expand your personal pleasure, cultivate energy and massively enhance your sexual experiences. Learn the practices to enable you to ejaculate when and if you want to and even the pathway to “holy grail” of male multiple orgasms. This is the foundation for becoming a truly remarkable lover.

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Understand and Satisfy Women

Are you craving deeper, more juicy, more satisfying relationships with women? Do you wish you were “that man” who gives women unforgettable sexual experiences? Enticing Desire is about cultivating that ability to connect with women in a way that draws out her ruthlessly expressive, animalistic sexual expression and desire with you.

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Who is Destin Gerek?

Transformational Sexual Empowerment Coach

Destin Gerek is a transformational empowerment coach who specializes in helping you awaken your sexual energy, while harnessing this newfound power to passionately manifest your biggest visions, and create the life of your dreams. Destin is a globally recognized thought leader in the realms of sexuality, consciousness, and personal transformation.

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