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Do you feel like you’re living up to your full potential as a lover?

Or do frustration, anxiety and dissatisfaction plague your sex life?
You deserve extraordinary passion, pleasure, and fulfillment – it’s time to claim it.

My 13-week Sexual Self-Mastery program equips you with the step-by-step tools and training to master your sexual energy, overcome performance issues, and become an extraordinary, deeply satisfying lover.
This is your chance to break free from limitations and completely transform your sex life.

NO RISK: You’re covered by my 30-day refund guarantee.

A 13 Week Guided Training For Men
To Go From Frustration To Fulfilment




Contrary To Popular Belief...

...Are Skills You Can Learn

With over 20 years’ experience, I helped thousands of men master their sexuality, deepen their
pleasure, embody their full masculine potential, and expand their relationships to new heights.

These teachings have been limited to those who can participate in private coaching and in-person
workshops – but the movement is growing and I needed to create a program to make these teachings
more accessible to more men.

Total Value $4997
Virtual Training $997

Total Value $4997
Virtual Training $997

Enroll today and receive the most comprehensive virtual training for men’s sexual mastery, with proven success.

Monthly Installment

$ 297 4 monthly payments
  • (or pay upfront and save $191)

Pay Upfront

$ 997 One-Time Payment

NO RISK: You’re covered by my 30-day refund guarantee.

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Week 1: Establishing Your Practice

First, you will examine your current masturbation patterns in detail, and create intentional time each week to practice them in what we call “erotic self-explorations.” The goal of this week is not to change your practice, but to establish a new pattern, and to bring consciousness to how you have trained your body to respond to stimulation.


Week 2: Waking Up The Body

You will learn and practice techniques for distributing your awareness throughout your body so that it’s not all focused in your pelvis during your erotic self-explorations, allowing for deeper relaxation and engagement with the other practices to come.


Week 3: Breath & Relaxation

Have you given much thought to your relationship with your breath? It’s so much more than an autonomic function, and this week we look at the relationship between your breath and your arousal. Get ready for a complete reframe.


Week 4: Master Your Presence

“Presence” is the word we use for a state and practice of total focus. It is a precursor to and requirement for what we call “embodiment,” or awareness in each moment of the body. Establishing greater presence is absolutely paramount for sexual self-mastery, and that is exactly what you will develop.


Week 5: Circulating Sound

During sex, most men are silent, or perhaps let out an occasional grunt.
Unfortunately, since sound is one of the most powerful tools we have for circulating sexual energy, that leaves most men in the stands when it comes to sex. Fortunately, you won’t be one of those men by the time this week is done.

Week 6: Intro To Visualization & Challenge

Energy, or “subtle energy,” is a phenomenon outlined in many Eastern philosophies such as Tantra and Taoism, and visualization is a tool you will begin to use to work with it. The benefits of doing so are great in the bedroom, though it can be challenging to master. Speaking of challenges, we’ll have one for you this week that will prep you to break the ‘compulsion to ejaculate’ for good. Only then can you gain true choice…

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Week 7: Movement - Motion Of The Ocean

The next tool we have for moving sexual energy is Movement. Lateral movement, circular movement, linear movement, movement of body parts you might otherwise neglect. These practices will get you even more in your body to create dynamic sexual experiences.

Week 8: No Porn / Ejaculation Challenge

Now for the fun stuff. You may have heard of #nofap. This is not that. Rather than avoiding mssturbation altogether, you will now be engaging with it, breaking the compulsion to ejaculate, so that you gain true choice over when or if you ejaculate and build your turn-on organically without external stimuli. Sound hard? You probably will be 😉

Week 9: Deeper Into Visualization

Deepening our dive into the mystic arts, this week will have you beginning to create a rhythm or flow within your body using the visualization of energy, and bringing it to your practice.

Week 10: Receiving & Surrender

Although the masculine (and sometimes men) is often thought of as linear and goal-oriented, this week will have you cultivating your relationship to surrender and receiving which, ironically, is an important component of masculine power and unlocking your erotic potential.

Week 11: Integration & Partner Practices

Got a special someone? Or a special prospect? Bringing these tools and your new level of mastery to them can help you BOTH reach new heights of pleasure.

Week 12: Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms and Male Multiple Orgasms

By this point, you will have all the tools that you need to experience Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms and Male Multiple Orgasms. This is the week you’ll focus on experiencing them for yourself!

Week 13: Completing Your Journey

By this time your entire relationship with your sexuality will have shifted. We will explore how to keep this going, the responsibility you have with the new power you’ve developed, and celebrate how far you’ve come.

Here is what is included with your enrollment:

Enroll now and get an additional 3 months of group coaching support (6 months total!) in the Sexual Self-Mastery inner circle. Receive high-touch guidance, community accountability and expert feedback to ensure you fully embody and integrate this powerful


Erotic Super Powers 28-Day video training ($297 value) – Gain skills to deeply read your lover’s body like an erotic mind-reader. Through subtle cues, learn to expertly anticipate her desires and unlock new dimensions of mutual ecstasy.


PDF copy of the bestselling book The Evolved Masculine: Be the Man the World Needs & the One She Craves – Immerse yourself in the transformative philosophies and practices that have helped thousands of men master their purpose, passion and intimate relationships.

A Brotherhood Of Men All Committed To Their Evolutionary Growth
Transform your sex life and relationships with the 13-week Sexual Self-Mastery program.

Monthly Installment

$ 297 4 monthly payments
  • (or pay upfront and save $191)

Pay Upfront

$ 997 One-Time Payment

Total Value $4997

Total Value $4997  

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We proudly stand behind this program. If you decide within 30 days of purchase that the training isn’t right for you, simply let us know and we’ll issue a full refund.

Upon enrollment, you’ll gain instant access to the first module. The remaining 12 modules will be released weekly over the course of the program, so you can learn and implement each lesson without getting overwhelmed.

After completing the full 13 weeks, you’ll have LIFETIME access to the full video curriculum and training materials, including any future updates we add.

Students (& Their Partners) Say
NO RISK: You’re covered by my 30-day refund guarantee. 
About Destin Gerek

Destin Gerek is an internationally renowned sexologist and author of The Evolved Masculine. He created the Sexual Self-Mastery program after helping thousands of men master their sexuality over 25+ years.
Destin is driven by his mission to empower men everywhere to discover their full erotic potential and live more fulfilling, passionate lives.

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