Full Spectrum Living 2013: My Year in Review

//Full Spectrum Living 2013: My Year in Review

Full Spectrum Living 2013: My Year in Review

Facebook puts together your Year in Review. You can see mine here:

On the surface, this is a pretty good review of the year. Yet, as I look through it, I see how it doesn’t encompass some of my biggest moments of the year. And I realize that it’s likely because they were so painful that I never posted them. While this has been a fantastic year for me professionally, on a personal level, it’s been one of my harder ones. The woman I loved decided to abort the child I wanted to have with her. Our own relationship spiraled down to it’s ultimate end along w so many dreams that went with it. My father had his 3rd heart surgery in just over a year. My mother got diagnosed with leukemia. I came home from Burning Man with my adrenals completely shot, and have been dealing w massive energy ups and downs ever since. Nope, not an easy year.

On the up side:

I spent two months of the year outside the US: Australia, India, and Germany. (working with clients in Oz and Berlin, speaking at an international conference on Sex and Consciousness in Berlin, and personal spiritual journey in India)
I went to the Kumbh Mela in India (largest spiritual gathering on the planet).

I’ve formed a new business partnership with Paul Charlton and am officially the co-founder of Orgasmic Productions, LLC. Details of what we’re up to TBA…

I have a new Brand Manager/Producer who is helping me build a team around me to bring forth a lot more media based offerings in 2014.

Briefly meeting Russell Brand (as indicated in one of the pics captured by FB in this review), and strong indications that it was a first meeting and that there will be more…

My coaching business has been off the charts. The caliber of people that I have had the honor and privilege to work with blows my mind. A variety of cultural influencers whom by impacting them, I am impacting so many others.

I ran my first 5k, 10k, and half-marathon. Then got myself down to a 6:22 mile. (All prior to the adrenal depletion). And now, FINALLY got a dedicated yoga practice going. I’ve been meditating daily for two months. And am now diving into Kundalini Yoga which feels like it has something huge to offer me. And am really upping my commitment to the quality of what I put into my body. With my body as my temple, it’s about time for me to prioritize self-care, and utilize it as a means to deepen my self-love.

I refer to this as Full-Spectrum Living. The challenges are intense, but then so are the blessings.

As this year draws to a close and a new one is set to begin, I can’t help but wonder what it has in store for me. I prayer for the strength to rise up to the challenges, and the courage to receive fully all of the blessings…

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