Read people's amazing stories of transformation...

Destin has worked with 1000's of people to help them bring out the most potent version of themselves. While much of working with Destin revolves around sexuality and increasing sexual energy, incredible transformation happens in all aspects of Destin's clients lives!

Working with Destin Gerek is the best investment I’ve ever made for spiritual & self development. His work is transformational and empowering.
Henry Hamilton, Eagle Pointe, OR
The CFO just walked in and handed me and “extra bonus” check for $7,500. The universe just paid for your coaching and, in so doing, finally put my annual income into six figures. It wasn’t merely a coincidence. Blessings keep flowing. Use your coaching powers wisely, my brother. You’re more powerful than you realize.

In gratitude,

S.A., Unites States
Destin is a leader who comes from the heart. If you want to unleash your evolved masculine he’s a wonderful guide to take you on a journey to awakening your power
Jaiya, Sexual Educator
When I first committed to coaching with Destin, I had no idea that things would start radically shifting in my life so quickly. It had been over four years since I had any intimate connection with a woman. Just 10 days after beginning my journey with Destin, I met this incredible woman whom I simply clicked with on every level: mentally, physically, spiritually. And it just kept getting better. I’m having the most passionate and intimate sex of my life (I honestly don’t think I even understood it could be this good!). And somehow this isn’t even the best part. My energy had become so stagnant from so many years of sexual repression and frustration, that somehow my whole life has come alive. I have now quit my old job and am in the process of launching my big vision project. I finally feel like I am sharing my true, deepest gifts to the world. Destin throws the word ‘magic’ around sometimes, but what can I say, working with Destin has been nothing short of magical.
D.T., United States
Thank you Destin. I have reached new levels of communication, and pleasure like I’ve never EVER experienced in my life. It has been one of those life changing sorts of things. I want to TREMENDOUSLY thank you and given the opportunity to talk about you and send referrals, consider it done!
G.S., United States
I wanted to thank you so much for our session on Wednesday. I feel much different since then. There is no longer a negative neediness associated with my fantasy. I don’t hunger after it. It feels very good inside of me. I feel a greater resting and relaxing in my sexual nature and I feel more power in it. Thank you, thank you. I deeply appreciate our connection.
J.W., United States
This has been a fabulous course. It has changed my sexuality and my life. Thank you! I have had a couple NEOs and will continue practicing (my wife is an enthusiast). What you teach really works. Love-making has always been blissful for me, but now the energy moves more freely in my body, and into my heart and head, making it an even more distinctly spiritual experience. I really appreciate your work and will refer people to it. Carry on, in orgasmic mastery!
V.T., United States
I am extremely fortunate and grateful to have been able to experience Destin Gerek’s coaching work, and it has been life-changing. Thanks to his coaching, I have experienced changes in my sexuality, my mindset and my way of being that have been amazing. I’m experiencing a far deeper level of presence, peacefulness and confidence, in my sexual relationship and in my way of living, than I ever knew possible. Moreover, Destin’s coaching has given me the tools to continue to transform my life in the ways I want going forward, now I’m truly guiding my life.

Destin’s approach is about making changes from the inside-out, based on what works best for the individual client. His work is very personalized and non-judgmental. He acts as a guide, offering me tools and encouraging me along my individual path, instead of some rigid, cookie-cutter program. He’s given me the tools to change how I’m being inside, and that has led to tremendous changes in my life “just happening.” Change feels very natural and fun.

Pulling from a wide array of disciplines, Destin offers a very holistic approach. I’ve experienced growth in finding my purpose, subtle energy movement, sexual connection, Tantra practice, cultivating and deepening presence, enhancing my relationship connection with my wife, deepening my self-confidence, and self-expression.

I also enrolled in the Orgasmic Mastery course. Thanks to this program, I discovered non-ejaculatory orgasms and male multiple orgasms and expanded my sexuality in ways I couldn’t imagine when I signed up for his course.

Thank you, Destin – this work has blown open the doors of my life!

T.K., United States
h Destin! Long time friend, colleague, and amazing man. I’ve known Destin for close to 10 years, and through it all I’ve seen him grow as a person, man, teacher, and coach beyond what most other people in the field have accomplished. His passion for his work shows through the quality and number of offerings he keeps on putting out fearlessly. And not only is he an exceptional human being, he is also part of what I call “the next wave” of sex & intimacy gurus, focused not only on authenticity but also on skills, practice, and presence. And his success shows through the incredible people he surrounds himself with, to support and bring important transformation to men — and the wonderful women who will be lucky enough to experience such work in those men.
Philippe Lewis, San Francisco
I felt I made quantum leaps in my awareness, control and not least, enjoyment! I felt the material was/is/will continue to be valuable. I can already tell that as time passes, I will only deepen my appreciation and experience.
R.S., United States
I’ve always considered myself to be an ‘advanced’ lover and have even explored Taoist sexual practices and energetics for years already. Even having explored these realms before I’m getting so much out of this course! I am so enjoying the exploration- it’s fun, entertaining and empowering; and since I started there ABSOLUTELY has been an enhancement and upgrade in my life! From A+ to A+++. . . 🙂
T.G., Unites States

Read people's amazing stories of transformation...

Destin has worked with 1000's of people to help them bring out the most potent version of themselves. While much of working with Destin revolves around sexuality and increasing sexual energy, incredible transformation happens in all aspects of Destin's clients lives!

I’m noticing this healing work I am doing on my sexuality is already dramatically changing my interactions with women. I’ve been focused on cultivating a deeper sense of self-love and appreciation. From that space my familiar neediness or need for feminine validation has greatly diminished. I have felt way more relaxed in my connections with women. I am able to relate without any agenda or fear of rejection coming up. This is coming from a guy that hasn’t been with a woman in nearly a year and rarely in my life have I ever felt a sense of confidence relating with the opposite sex.

I have started putting out my desire to connect with a couple of women I’m interested in. This alone was a big shift from my normally shy and passive approach. As an indirect result, I ended up meeting up with a woman a couple nights ago whom I had been attracted to for a while but never really considered a potential with her. She invited me to the hot springs later on that evening, soaking nude and exchanging massage. From there we landed at her place snuggling up for the night. The following day found us napping on the beach together, dinner in Santa Barbara, and then having a hot love making session at my house.

I felt myself really in my masculine power during the sex. Like I was pumping her with energy every time I penetrated her. She seemed to really respond when I intentionally put my focus there. I wasn’t feeling super sensitive in my cock, and found myself riding a 6 on the arousal scale for quite a long time, never even feeling like I would ejaculate, yet maintaining a solid erection. After a while she ended up giving me an amazing blow job! As I surrendered into it, I consciously chose to have an ejaculatory orgasm, which I hadn’t had in a while. It was overwhelmingly pleasurable and explosive. I felt the energy running up my belly to my heart, leaving me quivering and shaking with sensation. As I allowed it move up my body I found myself breaking out with laughter. Later as I was just relaxing on my own, while she was getting herself cleaned up, I had my knees bent and my back reclined, and my pelvis just started involuntarily shaking and vibrating quite rapidly. Very cool!

We had a chance to open up and share some vulnerable communication the next day. I was feeling a little guilty and afraid of having moved into a sexual connection with her so quickly. Especially since I have been getting the message that I should not be doing that in my life. It felt good to put that out there and to find out where she was at, and what she was wanting out of our connection. I also let her know what I have been up to and the practices and healing I am integrating into my life around my sexuality. She seemed to be very supportive and wanting similar things.I’m excited to have a new partner to practice with, yet I am still committed to maintaining my own self practice as my highest priority.

Soma Miller, Los Angeles
When I finally let go it was extremely intense… there was whole body shakes on both our ends… Just knowing i was in control the whole time and was able to redirect my energy flows. I made that session about pleasing her and she was very very happy with the results. I just wanted to share how happy it made me and i have you to thank for showing me the way.
M.K., United States
I just wanted to say THANKS! You’re inspiring me to become both a better lover and seducer, and you have inspired me to seek out a job and lifestyle I couldn’t dream of a few years back – my wife and I aim to start our own company and work together, holding courses, seminars etc, for men and women who want to have a more passionate sex life.
M.D., United States
Wow, man! I followed your “erotic self-exploration” advice… You have not idea how good it was.. oh yeah, the best orgasm in my entire life. I did it slowly, very very slowly until I reached the highest ‘plateau’… dude, I was able to stay in that plateau for about five minutes; it was like being in continuous orgasm for five minutes, something I had never felt before… I was shaking and trembling… and finally it came, it was like an explosion, bam!, I came as I never had in my entire life… will never forget it, it was just AMAZING! Thanks man!
J.D., United States
I want to take the opportunity and say thank you for the courage, love, transparent beauty you walk the world with.

From the moment I met you, I knew you were a force to be reckoned with, you command attention where ever you be, you are confident, sexy, articulate, intelligent, and one of the most dedicated workers I have ever known, and yet what drew me to you, what I see people identify with is your vulnerable tenderness you wear on your sleeve.

Your heart is so big and glorious it includes everyone who gets the pleasure of being illuminated in it, you share your wisdom from the scary, dark, deepest caves from within.
I am so proud of you, so excited to see where this new venture takes you, how many more men, women, humans you will touch and transform because of your bravery and willingness to be you.

I love you more every time we meet

Monique Darling, Tantric Teacher
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