“What would the world be like if all women felt safe?”

//“What would the world be like if all women felt safe?”

“What would the world be like if all women felt safe?”

“What would the world be like if all women felt safe?”

Four years ago, I was filmed for a documentary on #BurningMan that was never released. They sent me the raw footage, which I also never did anything with. With the #metoo movement going on, now seems the right time. I just split the footage into two shorter videos. I'll post the other soon. (I don't typically speak w this languaging these days, as I know some people don't resonate w it, but hey, this was for Burning Man. If you need to, simply think of it as metaphor…) –DG
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I believe that the feminine, women on this planet, the feminine as a force in this world, is calling forth for the sacred masculine to show up. That its not that the masculine is inherently bad, it’s that with the feminine repressed for so long, the masculine got so out of balance. Not just too much, but its expression has not been ‘the masculine’, but the unhealthy masculine. I relate the healthy masculine to being present, grounded, directional, ability to create safety and space for the feminine to flourish.

Which I believe is what we so much of here (at Burning Man). We see women minimally clothed or none at all, why? Because they feel safe to. There is a way that the feminine radiates that only happens when she feels safe. There is a way in which she can feel turned on, that her sexuality blooms only when she feels safe. And who doesn’t want more turned on women in the world?

There is this incredible sculpture here of this metallic woman with an inscription at the base that states “What would the world be like if all women felt safe?” ("Truth is Beauty" by Marco Cochrane)

“What would the world be like if all women felt safe?”
Well, there’d be a lot more pleasure in the world. There would be a lot more orgasmic energy in the world. A lot less war. I’m certain we’d all be a lot happier and more content. Things that men cling to and want and are craving and largely deprived of, which is feminine sexuality and sensuality, they’ll actually have more of in their lives. So first and foremost, I think our role in this embracing of the sacred masculine, the primary thing we need to step into is creating safe space for the women of our lives.

I believe that there are a lot of really well intentioned men in this world who are just confused. They want to be good, but we have so much messaging that just confuses us. One of the major driving forces in most mens lives is women and sex, and most men honestly, I believe relate to women and sexuality from a place of scarcity. From a feeling of lack. As with money or food, when you are in that scarcity state, you are not your best self. When you have the majority of men in that place, moving from that place, relating to women from that place of such hunger, this thirst that needs to be quenched, but its repulsive, it literally repels women and it keeps women more scared. Most women carry some layers of protection and contraction. Feeling like they need to keep this force that may come at them at any time Out! That is not the state to be in to be a fully realized, radiant, powerful turned on woman. As we create that safety, you notice that in this community, so many of the most potent radiant women have had men in their lives or at their sides who help uphold that, just as they are so much more of who they are capable of being because of the way in which She inspires their best self.

And I believe that that’s what we have the capacity of being. Our old paradigm is this war of the sexes. In order for me to get what I want, I have to somehow get it out of you, while protecting myself. Physically, emotionally. How can we really step into, seeing the divine in one another: The Divine Feminine, The Sacred Masculine and utilize that as this force to inspire.

My life is driven in service to the divine feminine. She, this force of the world, inspires me, challenges me. Both. To be everything that I can be. To be the most powerful man that I can be. To serve not as a servant at her feet, but as my god-self. To be the god at my goddess’s side.

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