What is the Evolved Masculine? What Can It Do for You?

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What is the Evolved Masculine? What Can It Do for You?

Triambika Ma Vive joins our host Destin Gerek to have a deep and passionate conversation exploring the unique sets of challenges facing men in today’s world. What does it even mean anymore to ‘Be a good man’ in today’s world? How do we as men not only step up as men in this world, but transform the definition of masculinity to best serve the women and men around us who are craving powerful, sexy, successful leaders, lovers, friends and role models? How do we begin to recreate our connection to manhood in a way that inspires us to give devote our hearts and souls, and inspires others to follow? This is that movement. This is The Evolved Masculine, with Destin Gerek. We are ushering in a new generation of men and a new definition of masculine power to radically transform your sex life, your love life, your work life, and your world. And with Triambika joining us, I expect we’ll talk about SEX. A lot.


triambika-ma-viveTriambika is an internationally recognized tantric sexuality expert, speaker and coach featured on Playboy TV, and the Founder of The Ecstatic Awareness Institute and Sexuality Coaching for Soulful Men.
She has guided thousands of men and women worldwide to empower their sexuality, by helping them to release shame, gain confidence, learn to have extraordinary sex, experience exceptional stamina and create healthier relationships.

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