Transformation in Tokyo…

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Transformation in Tokyo…


In case you aren’t fluent in Japanese, that translates roughly to: “Let’s begin a friendship”. It is used as a greeting upon first meeting someone in Japan.

I have been to 25 countries so far, and nowhere has felt quite as unusual, intriguing, captivating and foreign as Japan.

Are you ready to experience a transformational
adventure of a lifetime?

I am choosing just three men to join me in Japan for this sexual spiritual transformational coaching adventure of a lifetime.

I have taken clients to Kyoto, Japan; throughout Nepal; Berlin, Germany; and even a secret ashram on a small island in the Philippines to meet an authentic enlightened tantric master.

And now, back to Japan. This time centered in TOKYO!

The famous “Robot Restaurant”, which we’ll certainly be dining at.

Of all the different parts of my work, easily one of my favorites is taking select clients on these international transformational coaching adventures. Aside from having a series of fun, crazy, powerful, (and yes: sexy) experiences most men will never have in their lives, what I love most is the incredible amount of growth, evolution, and transformation that I witness in the men who commit to this journey.

There is a power to having this experience in a foreign country. And Japan is more different and foreign than you can even imagine. In Japan, you don’t have your usual habits and patterns to cling to. In Japan, you don’t have your friends, family, and co-workers holding you to a version of you that they are familiar and comfortable with, yet ultimately holds you back from being the next level version of yourself that you are truly capable of becoming.

Which needs more strengthening: The warrior or the lover in you?

In Tokyo, no one knows you. No one knows the story that you tell yourself of who you are and what you are and are not capable of. You will be seen and accepted as who you show up as in that moment, and I will be right there at your side, helping you lean into your edge and show up as your best self.

This is your opportunity to try on new versions of yourself. Parts of yourself that perhaps, you’ve never let yourself express before.

This is it! The time is NOW!

Make no mistake, this offer is NOT for everyone, and it IS a significant investment.


We will meet in Tokyo in just a few weeks on November 16th.

This is a journey of transformation. Who are you choosing to become in the world?

We will spend the first evening together in Tokyo getting crystal clear on your deepest intentions. You will be expertly guided through a process to get you in touch with your highest visions, and what you most desire to shift. The evening culminates in a guided visualization to help you see, hear, feel, and experience what your life will be like with these shifts having taken place.

And from there, the *real* adventure begins…


If you haven’t been to Japan, NOW is the time to go. Be the artist, and make your life your greatest masterpiece. Consciously create who you are choosing to be in the world.


The time is NOW…



If you feel called by this possibility, take the leap. Make it happen.


You’ll be somewhere November 16th, the question is, will that somewhere change your life?


Up for a Sexy Adventure at Tantra-Tokyo?


Email me and share with me why this speaks to you.
What are you ready to let go of in your life? What transformation are you looking to create?
Inspire me.
We’ll quickly set up a phone call to explore if this really is the right fit.
The time is upon us. NOW is the time to act…
In Service,

PS: Serious inquiries only. You must be willing and able to both make a significant financial investment into your transformational growth, and to get on a plane to travel halfway across the world in just a few weeks time to have a sexy/spiritual transformational coaching adventure of a lifetime!

PPS: Check out Part 2 of this blog entry, and Meet David

Or perhaps it’s time to deepen

you spiritual connection?

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