The Top Ten Mistakes Men Make in Bed…

The Top Ten Mistakes Men Make in Bed…

NEVER Make These Again!

After having worked with thousands of men over the years, there are certain mistakes that I’ve seen pop up again and again (not to mention having listened to thousands of women make the same complaints about their experiences with men…)

To celebrate the launch of my new course, Erotic Superpowers, I made this video as my gift to you. And of course, if you find value in this video, buy the program. It ain’t called Erotic Superpowers for nothing…


Thank you everyone for all your love on this video!
In just over a week, it received 108 organic shares on Facebook and almost 300 Likes and Reactions. And on Youtube, we’ve received another 15,000+ views, as well.

Here are a few comments from the women:
“Let me just say – as a woman – Destin Gerek has completely NAILED every single one of these essential topics.”

“Great as usual Destin Gerek. Ten tips in under ten minutes. Awesome. #3 – YES! YES! YES! Opening up the voice is soooo hot. 
#5 – My special spot are the ankles! 
#10 – Adventure and exploration are HOT!”

“This is great Destin! 3,4 & 5 are familiar to most of my old dating life for sure. If one can master #5 it is a huge untapped force multiplier of seduction.”

” This guy… Listen to this Guy… Thank you Destin Gerek”

“Ladies around the world will be sending this to their man.”

“Yes! Every word!”

“Guys: watch this and take fucking notes. You’re welcome”

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