The Erotic Rockstar’s Burning Man 2011 Workshop Schedule

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The Erotic Rockstar’s Burning Man 2011 Workshop Schedule

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Print this out and take it with you. Let’s evolve our sexual consciousness together, and experience all that the gift of our sexuality has to offer us…

Please arrive early, as while these are large group workshops, they tend to hit capacity. If you want to be there, I don’t want you turned away. Especially true of the Tantric Massage for Intimate Partners workshop (last year we had over 200 people show up for 80 spaces!). Arrive early. Secure your space!

2:30 – 4pm The Orgasmic Breathing Experience @Chakralicious Camp (4:30 and C)


2 – 4pm Tantric Massage for Intimate Partners @Sacred Spaces (4:15 and Esplanade)

6 – 8pm Panel: Sex, Drugs, and Electronic Music @Red Lightning (4:45 and Esplanade)


8-10pm Evolving Our Sexual Consciousness @Red Lightning (4:45 and Esplanade)

3:15-4:45pm Erotic Spirituality: A Rite of Passage @Chakralicious Camp (4:30 and C)


2:30 – 4PM
The Orgasmic Breathing Experience:
Would you like to experience an orgasm from breath alone?
Do you notice and derive pleasure from your breath?
Do you want to enhance the ecstasy and fulfillment of partner sex safely, freely, and at anytime you choose?
Come experience breath like you’ve never known it before.

Together we will learn a series of different breath practices that you can continue to explore and integrate into your erotic life long after you leave this workshop.

Using breath, sound, and movement, we will bring attention to the erotic energy that our bodies are capable of producing at any given moment. You will learn how to build that energy, increasing it throughout your entire body.

As each of us expands our erotic energy, we will envelop ourselves in a group erotic vibratory force field, which will grow and expand, raising higher and higher, until it peaks into a group energetic orgasm.

2 – 4PM Tantric Massage for Intimate Partners @Sacred Spaces (4:15 and Esplanade)

Experience the power of sacred sexuality in this hands-on, clothes-off workshop. Must come with a partner you are willing to go deep with. This is about true intimate connection…

6 – 8PM Panel: Sex, Drugs, and Electronic Music: Our Sacred Taboos @Red Lightning (4:45 and Esplanade)

with Destin Gerek, Daniel Pinchbeck, Charles Shaw, Heyokah, and Amanda Rain

Why is pleasure a sin? Sex, drugs and music have been used to alter consciousness and create change within the self throughout time. They are catalysts that open doors, expand our minds and evolve the soul. Yet, they’ve fallen under secrecy, taboo and even criminality.

As a Rite of Passage, they are one of the oldest traditions. This panel will look at the benefits, risks, and safety considerations, as well as the cross-section of these three favorite explorations of our culture.


8-10PM Evolving Our Sexual Consciousness @Red Lightning (4:45 and Esplanade)

We live in a time of great transformational shift in human consciousness. Part of that shift MUST be a shift in our consciousness around our sexuality. It is time to heal our connection to our own eroticism.

This is for you to strengthen your connection to your own erotic self. Release shame and move into a place of celebrating your eroticism simply for its own sake.

True Evolution requires a re-examination of all aspects of our being. As we birth this evolving paradigm, come join an expert in sexual energetics, Destin Gerek ( for a powerful, open discussion on our true sexual potential. Nothing will be taboo and any topic can, and will be discussed. The audience will participate in this talk, come ready to explore.


3:15-4:45PM Erotic Spirituality: A Rite of Passage @Chakralicious Camp (4:30 and C)

As human beings we are granted two amazing gifts: The gift of our spirituality, and the gift of our sexuality.

Can you be with your primal sexual feelings while maintaining your connection to Source? Can you be in your place of deep spiritual connectiveness, while maintaining your awareness of yourself as a sexual being?

This is a hands-on/clothes-off workshop with a focus on your connection to your own sexuality. Much attention and care is placed into creating a safe space for you to explore sexual shame, guilt, and fear, as well as, intense pleasure, joy, and ecstasy.

This event is truly a Rite of Passage. If you are ready, Join Us in finally letting go of that which has been stopping you from truly experiencing the pleasures in life that you deserve, crossing the threshold and embracing who you TRULY are…



“This is my testimonial to the AMAZING Erotic Rock Star that is Destin Gerek. I had my first encounter with Destin at the Celebrating Your Erotic Self workshop at Burning Man in 2008. As usual I had no definite plans to be there, but as it turns out I was suppose to be there. There are two things that I carry with me from that experience. First is the potency of the breath work that Destin guided. His ability to produce a strong yet safe experience was so sexually empowering. Destin’s high energy and fear breaking tactics lead me to a place where I felt free to erotically express myself to a point where I felt extremely sexually charged. I also became interested in exploring the potential transformations that could occur from the expression of this innocent energy. But more special to me was Destin’s guided meditation. In this meditation I met an incredibly strong and gentle side of my sexual self. This person, this WOMAN who I met on Destin’s guided visualization now reminds me time and time again that sexual energy is safe, important, and something I deserve. Having met this spirit guide has made me feel the desire to be more sexually active, and to be active with that sense of security and respect. Working with Destin has changed my sexual self, which in turn has done wondrous transformations in my life. Many thanks to Destin.”

“I’ve seen him teach this course several times, most recently to hundreds of people at Burning Man, and it is amazing. 2 hours with him can teach you breathing skills that will completely transform your sex life. It is also a very good, safe introduction to “tantra” for people who are curious but nervous, as no partner is necessary and you stay completely in your own space the entire time, not interacting with others. Destin is a master at creating safe space for learning, where all boundaries are respected.”

“You have quite a way with words. As soon as you said those words, I felt like a huge weight lifted off of me, as I immediately felt, I can do that. The experience truly was a pleasure for me, as well. Both enjoyable and inspirational. I believe that it will be the kick in the butt that I’ve needed.”
– J.R.

“You’re a reminder to allow spirit and physical body to merge in ecstatic, erotic, open pleasure. It’s wonderful.”

“I was really impressed with your ability to guide the group through the breathing experience. Even though I was laying near the door/walkway and was aware that people were moving in and out I was able to focus my attention on your voice and my breath and I really got into it. I’ve done breath work with yoga and during sex but never isolated it with such intention like that. Before the event I was totally doubting that I would be able to have a “breathgasm” but I definitely felt the blissful high energy from the group and from you and as soon as I let go of my expectations and just allowed the experience to take place I reached an orgasmic state! It was really powerful and made me want to explore breath work more.”

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