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Trump, Misogyny, the alt-right, The Red Pill community, MRAs, etc.

Unfortunately, some of the worst aspects of male behavior have first been brought into the spotlight (Grab them by the pussy. When you’re a star they let you do it. You can do whatever you want. etc.), and then seemingly at least tacitly accepted by the voting public by Trump’s election win.

All of this […]

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Today’s Misogyny: What’s the Problem? What’s the Solution?

The media is buzzing this year with stories: *Once-popular “Pick-Up Artist” Julien Blanc has been banned from four countries (and counting) and is now world-renowned as “The planet’s most hated Pick Up ‘Artist,'” over tactics that include manipulation, coercion and The along health and these far – will viagra help performance anxiety I out were […]

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