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Evolved Masculine

Learn to last as long as you want, Achieve True Ejaculatory Choice & Master Your Sexual Energy

You have reached a place in your sexual expression where what you used to do is no longer enough. You want to develop the ability to last as long as you want in bed, to have fuller, harder erections, and to be able to attain choice over when (or even IF) you ejaculate.

Welcome to Sexual Self-Mastery, the program that will take you to new heights of sexual prowess.

More than a Program, Sexual Self-Mastery Offers You a Completely New Way of Engaging with Your Sexuality

Men who begin this program often feel stuck. Their sex life is not ANYWHERE near what they’d like it to be, and they can’t see the way forward. This program absolutely changes that (check out some of the testimonials below).
Men who are concerned about their sexual performance, uncertain about their desirability, or lack sexual confidence in other ways need more than another video series that sits underutilized in their email. That’s why we’ve created the Sexual Self-Mastery program as a 3-month transformational journey that will help you establish a closer relationship with your sexual energy as an energy, master that energy, and through that, unlock new incredible sexual possibilities for both you and her. If this sounds too good to be true, well, it won’t be the last time we ask you to examine your ideas about what is possible for you.

The skills in this program will be transmitted to you in part by a 20-video series which includes demonstrations from individuals who have already achieved this mastery. They will guide you through a series of what we call “Erotic Self-Explorations,” each designed to develop your capability to master four tools of erotic expression.
Through these practices you will achieve a place of ejaculatory choice, or having control over when, or even IF, you ejaculate during intercourse or self-exploration. You will be guided through this process with weekly coaching calls where you discuss with a licensed Evolved Masculine Coach your particular challenges that arise from engagement with this material. You will maintain an online journal of your progress through these exercises.

Each of these components has been carefully selected to get you the results you crave NOW. When you see the reaction on your partner’s face, you will know exactly why we have structured the program in this way.

Sexual Self-Mastery

You Will Receive:
In this Program You Will:
  • Learn to connect to your sexual energy, and how to move it and play with it at will
  • Have true choice over when or even if you ejaculate
  • Experience Full Body Orgasms (vs genitally based ‘sneezes’
  • Learn the tools you’ll need to experience Non-ejaculatory energetic orgasms, and even Male Multiple Orgasms
  • Create a compelling “Evolved Masculine Archetype” to strive towards
  • Examine and shift the habits and patterns that are keeping you from success
  • Connect with your inner animal, your primal self