Most people have heard of Tantra, few people seem to really understand what it is. Lawrence Lanoff and I met at an international Tantra conference in Sedona, AZ almost ten years ago, and have continued to cultivate a friendship since. Lawrence was initiated onto the path of Tantra at 12 years old!, and has gone to depths few ever will. Listen as we explore the truth of tantra, what exactly is ‘The Art of Radical Self-Acceptance’, and how much power do you ‘really’ have in redefining yourself, your life, and your experience of the world around you…


unnamedGuest Bio: Lawrence Lanoff is an award winning sex educator who teaches The Art of Radical Self Acceptance™ around the world. He leads people into new paradigms of expanded freedom and pleasure – while deprogramming them from the limitations of cultural repression and suppression. The best selling author of A Course In Freedom, Lawrence has helped thousands of people embrace Radical Self Acceptance in their daily lives.

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