An Invitation to Paradise, and Your Spiritual Growth…

//An Invitation to Paradise, and Your Spiritual Growth…

An Invitation to Paradise, and Your Spiritual Growth…

Something big has been happening in my world,
something that I’d like to share with you…

I have been invited to an ashram deep in the jungles of a small island in the Philippines to meet a man that can only be described as a true tantric spiritual master.

This isn’t the type of ‘tantric master’ that you go to if you’re focused on having better orgasms. This is the type of tantric master you go to if you are committed to walking the path of enlightenment.

This is not a tourist destination. There is no website for the ashram, and this guru doesn’t go to networking events nor walk around carrying business cards.

I was introduced to him by a woman that I have known intimately for over ten years and whom 2.5 years ago became his disciple. I have to say, I tend to have my skepticism about such professed spiritual masters. However, as they say ‘the proof is in the pudding.’ I first noticed the shifts beginning to happen within her 2 years ago when I took a client of mine to Kyoto on a ‘Spiritual/Sexual Transformational Coaching Adventure’, and spent time with Prana for the first time in three years (since she moved back to Japan). However, it has been these two visits of hers to Los Angeles over the past few months that have allowed me to see just how deeply she has transformed, and in such beautiful and profound ways.

My words are not going to do her justice.

The depth of her self-awareness.
The emotional self-responsibility.
The purity of her love.
The dedication to being of service.

All of a caliber that I have never seen before (and I surround myself with rather high-quality individuals).

I brought her in as a guest presenter to my Embodied Man’s Path private webinar while she was here.

The words she spoke were arguably quite simple, as often the most profound truths are. However, it wasn’t about the words. It was as if she was entraining the group (myself included) into her energetic vibration. Attuning and up-leveling our auric fields, so to speak.

Though we were spread throughout the globe, connected only via internet video, we were quickly aligned into a shared profound energetic state of warmth and peace.

In the time since Prana has focused her attention on me, I have to admit, my life has been in overdrive. Blessings coming through left and right. Can I say for sure that it is because of Prana, and ultimately her teacher? No. But it is certainly an incredible coincidence if not.

I have moved into an incredible home with incredible and wildly successful housemates. My business has leapt up considerably, and along with it, my bank account. I feel more aligned with my purpose than ever before. And I am experiencing a love unlike any that I’ve experienced (and I have certainly been blessed with some epic, if sometimes painful, love affairs).

Why am I going?
Aside from the drive to spend time with a woman that I am rising in love with, which no doubt is a major pull, there is an even larger reason…

My business is in a state of rapid development and expansion.

I have recently launched The Embodied Man’s Path, a new men’s program that really is about creating a movement of extraordinary men dedicated to redefining masculinity for the 21st century while focusing on self-mastery through the integration of their sexual and spiritual development.

The response to this offering has been through the roof. Both from a financial standpoint, and more importantly in the phenomenal level of transformation that these men have experienced in just this first month of involvement in the program.

With the speed with which my business is developing, and the vision that I hold regarding this movement of Sexually Empowered, Heart Centered, Spiritually Connected Men, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to continue to deepen my own connection to Spirit; to continue to clear out my own blocks, heal my own childhood wounds, and release any old karmic debts I’ve been holding onto.

I have an incredible community of individuals around me who are dedicated to their own growth and evolution. If you have read this far, chances are, this includes you.

One of my favorite things to do with my work is in creating these Spiritual/Sexual Transformational Coaching Adventures. I have taken clients to Kyoto (Japan), Nepal, Berlin, and now Paradise on Siargao Island in the Philippines for what will be the most magical journey yet.

**I have arranged with the ashram permission to bring 1-3 carefully curated individuals with me as part of this Transformational Coaching Adventure.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Deep transformative coaching work with me, profound yin oriented energetic alignment with Prana, and of course, Iarrasan, a true tantric spiritual master of our time tuning into your unique soul essence and providing you with the exact gifts that you need for where you are in this moment of your soul’s evolutionary journey.

All while at a location literally called “Paradise”.
Paradise is located at the juncture of a beautiful beach and a lush jungle. (See attached photos).

How do you imagine an experience like this would impact YOUR life?
If something is stirring in your heart… if reading the above has felt like it was being written directly to YOU, contact me.
There will be a personal interview and conversation with me to discover if this opportunity is right for you and if you are right for this opportunity. I have been entrusted with curating the right individuals, and I take that responsibility quite seriously.

This soulful adventure to Asia will take place from May 28th – June 9th.
Yes, it is soon. Yet, this is how it is presenting itself, and I am restructuring my life to allow for it. Will you?

The time is upon us. The time is NOW.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will irrevocably alter the course of your life. And mine…

If you are seriously interested, please message me privately, and we will talk.

In Service,
Destin Gerek

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