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Destin Gerek is a globally recognized thought leader in the realms of sexuality, consciousness, and personal transformation. Described as “Tantra Meets Tony Robbins,” Destin offers his unique perspective and his breadth of knowledge from 18 years in the sexual empowerment industry to share the power of healthy sexual expression for your professional success.

Destin focuses not only on authenticity, but also on skills, practice, and presence. He creates a space and delivers an experience that is safe and compelling, and facilitates maximum shifts with minimal time.

Presentations are never “by the book” and are carefully crafted for the individual or group in front of him and can be offered as Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Full-Day Seminars, Training Classes, and Retreats.



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(Using Sexual Energy to Master Your Life)

Are you longing to be the confident, powerful lover you know women want? Learn to challenge your beliefs about sex and relationship in order to master your sexual energy, expand your personal pleasure, cultivate energy, and massively enhance your experiences – both in the bedroom and out. Learn the practices that enable you to ejaculate when and if you want to, and the pathway to “holy grail” of male multiple orgasms. This is the foundation for becoming a truly remarkable lover.


(Integrating Your Sexual/Spiritual Self)

Are you feeling stuck in your relationships with women? Perhaps you have trouble initiating a relationship. Or you experience patterns of conflict that have caused you to mistrust your partner and yourself, to the point where confusion and struggle have become the norm.

Are you craving deeper, more juicy, more satisfying relationships with women? Do you wish you were “that man” who gives women unforgettable sexual experiences? Enticing Desire is about cultivating that ability to connect with women in a way that draws out her ruthlessly expressive, animalistic sexual expression and desire with you.


“I had no idea that things would start radically shifting in my life so quickly!” – BT

“Rarely in my life have I ever felt a sense of confidence relating with the opposite sex.
Now I’m way more relaxed in my connections, and my familiar neediness or need for validation has greatly diminished.” 
– GK

“This was probably the most significant achievement of my adult life.
My career is taking off now, and so many other things are blossoming because I now have a vibrant, healthy, complete sexual life.” 
– JW

DESTIN GEREK is the founder of Evolved Enterprises, a coaching company committed to serving high-caliber men who seek to enhance the quality of their relationships, their s*x lives, and align themselves more deeply with their sense of purpose.
An entrepreneur and cultural influencer in his own right,  Destin teaches by what he embodies. He understands that insatiable need to do more, even after reaching levels of success most people barely scratch the surface of.
Evolved Enterprises works with corporate executives and business leaders, helping them tap into that limitless source of power, their spark of genius, and exploring how they can pull out even MORE.

An engaging speaker and facilitator, Destin has been featured in television, radio, print, and internet media for his expertise and insight into the often mysterious world of sex.
Destin has helped hundreds of corporate executives and business leaders to find a deep level of self-confidence and to reconnect with the power and potential that exists within them, so that they can…

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