How to Make Her Beg For Sex with Erotic Super Powers

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How to Make Her Beg For Sex with Erotic Super Powers

Got Erotic Super Powers? Learn to tease and open up her animal nature and make her beg for sex.

In this video you will learn the basics of building a woman’s anticipation so she gets wetter and wetter until she’s begging for it. Don’t just go straight for “the honey pot”, slowly work around the area, caress her all over and make her yearn for more. By trying to reach between her legs too soon or without activating her whole body’s erotic potential, she may reject your advances and close down. Don’t rush it! Learn to communicate verbally and non-verbally, read her body language and earn the “hell yes” without ever risking the “hell no”.

To develop these and many other erotic super powers go to to download the complete course containing over 20 videos that include steamy demonstrations so you can see exactly how and when to apply each technique and strategy explained.

Here’s what graduates are saying:

“The organic demonstration nature of the videos is a HUGE piece. I haven’t seen anything close to this level anywhere. It feels very relatable, instead of some teacher lecturing or some unrealistic demonstration. It’s the missing piece for integrating these techniques into reality.”

Mike H. Boston, MA

“Seeing you in action, and noticing the energetic interplay between you and your partner, really helped me to embody and integrate not only the “technique,” but the confidence and mindset behind it.”

Zachary B. Los Angeles, CA

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