An Invitation to Paradise, and Your Spiritual Growth: Year Two

//An Invitation to Paradise, and Your Spiritual Growth: Year Two

An Invitation to Paradise, and Your Spiritual Growth: Year Two

“What Do You Mean, You’ve Got A Guru?”

I tend towards being an open-minded skeptic. Meaning that I am well aware that there is far more going on in this universe than my tiny mind can comprehend, and at the same time, I’m not simply going to believe something just because someone tells me it is so. I allow for infinite possibility, but first I’m likely to pick it apart and look at it under the microscope.

So when I suddenly find myself falling in love with a woman who has been dear to my heart in friendship for over ten years, and she tells me that she’s got a guru, my first impulse is deep skepticism. However, as I stated, she’d been in my life for a decade, we know one another better than anyone else in our lives, and I can’t not take note that she has transformed tremendously in the past three years since she started discipling under this ‘enlightened spiritual master.’ at this secluded ashram on a small island in the Philippines.

And the changes have been beautiful.

She’d always been an exceptional woman, yet now there was something… More.

A depth. A purity of being. A level of love and compassion that oozes out of her.

When she told me that her womb had chosen me, I felt like she was my Gift from God. That I must be doing something right, because clearly I am being rewarded big time.

She spoke with me about her commitment to her guru and how he is leading her towards enlightenment. She shared with me quite vulnerably that when she thinks about the woman that she is dedicated to becoming, and she thinks about who she would want to be that woman for, she was clear that it was me.

Despite how closed my heart felt at the time. Despite how resistant I was to love after my previous heart break, I couldn’t help but to feel that. I may not have been able to take it in completely, but I had to feel it at least a little.

After she took two more trips to the US to spend time with me, I knew it was time for me to go to this ashram and meet this guru of hers. This was one year ago.

In three weeks, I was able to draw in six other people to join me on a spontaneous adventure to an ashram half way across the world to meet a man they’d never heard of, and with almost zero explanation of what we’d be doing once we got there.

They must have just felt it.

When you feel the call inside, it’s best to just listen and follow its lead.

There is no website for this ashram. They don’t keep a Facebook Page. The only way to come to this ashram (or even to know about the ashram) is to come through one of their chosen gateways. My beloved Prana has been a gateway, and now by extension, I have been given the honor of being a gateway, as well.

On June 6, 2015 we will embark once more. This will be my third time in one year to travel the great distance to experience this ashram called Paradise.

It is quite difficult for me to put Paradise into words, other than, it lives up to its name. There is something otherworldly that happens over there. Something that is beyond what the logical/rational parts of the mind can explain.

It’s best for you to read Prana’s own words about Paradise and her invitation to you:

Paradise is a sacred place in the heart of the jungle where people come for salvation.

Under the guidance of enlightened masters with a unique technique and special teachings, pilgrims come from all around the world to find immortal peace and freedom within.

I, Prana, had the blessing to meet these masters and learn about the magic of energy from them over the past three years. This is where I received my spiritual name “Prana”, which means life force, the principle of vitality, and the body’s vital airs or energies.

Each step to mastering one’s own life force is a journey to becoming the master of your life, enabling you to attract anything and anyone you want into your surroundings and manifest the life exactly as you desire.

I cannot compare myself as of today, to the troubled yogini who walked into this place with so many questions and such confusion just a few short years ago.

Life after my experiences in Paradise has directed me to be more in my power, it has strengthened me to embrace whatever is, it has given me the courage to take action, to clarify my own values and priorities, to learn to listen and receive. It has given me a sense of who I truly am capable of becoming, and trained me from head to toe to express my authentic self in a relaxed state at all times.

The tantric master Iarrasun, my guru who created this magical place, is a one-of-a-kind being on earth.

He completely sees you, your soul essence and life journey, from past lives to future lives.

I personally do not know anyone else who can better guide you for your individual needs.

Some people come with a precise goal and ask for advice, some come with a problem and leave with a solution, while others come with no idea and surrender to the surprise that Paradise offers.

Paradise is truly the place for those who are serious about growth and ready to invest time & energy into the work on one’s self to upgrade their lives. To be clear on what your next step is on your individual life path is one of the greatest gifts this place has to offer. 

It is far beyond one’s understanding “how” the work is done by them, but everyone leaves with a shining aura, with clarity about themselves, knowing the next steps on their life paths.

I’d love to invite you to this pilgrimage.IMG_3122


As a Pilgrimage organizer and an Energetic Consultant and Spiritual Teacher, my wish is to assist those I encounter, in living fully, a truly happy life. 

I have guided hundreds to this ashram for upgrades in their lives.

My masters have never failed to surprise me with how much a life can change in the matter of a week.

And I am confident about the magic this special ashram can bring to you and your life.

There will be no regret.

I can guarantee you that with my own life as proof.

From a local yoga teacher, I became a spiritual teacher, in Service, who teaches and lives in 3 different countries, touching and guiding energetic shifts in the lives of many.

I am blessed and content, and it is truly my joy to share this gift of life!

Paradise will give you an opportunity for living the life you have always imagined living.

Are you ready for this life transformation?

If this message calls to you, try to feel your answer in your heart.

What are you feeling?

Excited?  Skeptical?  Curious?

Try to feel the truth within you.

And if you feel the urge,

a feeling that tells you something is there in this ashram that you must experience,

or that this guru might know something about you that you don’t yet know,

or that this master’s teachings can assist your life in any way.

or a feeling that this may be your time,

IT IS your time!

Now is the time.

Please honor your feelings, before they get attacked by the intellectual questioning, from a place of doubt and skepticism and/or fear.

Trust your gut feeling.

It is the first step to having faith in yourself and others.

I was once there, before anyone knew anything about this ashram or a guru,

when it was only a hut in a freshly cultivated jungle.

I kept coming back to this place because I followed my intuition, that Iarrasun’s teaching is enlightening.IMG_1086

I have seen its history.

Now this place has evolved to the beautiful ashram it is now, and it is always evolving.

So many souls have been awakened, and many more lives have been transformed here.

And yet Iarrasun takes no credit for this.

A truly enlightened being needs no credit, no recognition, no appreciation from people, and yet he receives them all.

He has students fly into this little island of the Philippines from all over the world to be guided by him, all year-round.

Come, join the Spiritual Pilgrimage.

I look forward to your action.

Thank you for spending your time reading this.

With much love to all of your beautiful souls,

Elie Prana

I can’t tell you exactly what is going to happen for you at Paradise, all I can promise is that something will undoubtedly shift. And for those whose journey I had the blessing of witnessing, it is exactly what most needs to shift for your next ‘upgrade’ in life, as Prana likes to put it.

I am a rather successful coach in the personal development world. My entire life is focused on transformational change. I’ve been through quite a bit of it. I’ve played a key role in hundreds, if not thousands, of other people’s big personal shifts and awakenings. And this, Paradise, is something unique. Something special.

June is right around the corner. If you are reading this, and drawn in at all, NOW is the time to act. We can only take a limited number of people. Click this link to schedule a brief call to explore whether this is the right fit for you.

In service,


(To see last year’s writeup, click HERE)

JUNE 6-14, 2015 



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