I’m fuct up, you’re fuct up, we’re all fuct up. Now what?

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I’m fuct up, you’re fuct up, we’re all fuct up. Now what?

Whether by calling, choice, or some combination thereof, this is a crazy, intense, powerful path that I seem to be on. All these years of actively choosing again and again to become this man that I see is possible in my greatest visions of myself, and yet, repeatedly tested, repeatedly making mistakes, as my struggles with my own ego at times get the better of me. Sneaking their way into my psyche whenever I lose presence, get caught up in the little mind, and more disconnected from Source itself. Where my gifts truly come from though, are from repeatedly returning. Stepping back to my path, recommitting, refocusing, learning from this most recent set of mistakes, and doing all I can to fold those into my teachings, as well.

For a long time I thought that I had to be perfect in order to be a leader, and if I wasn’t perfect, I need to at least give the impression of perfection. Oh how wrong I was…

The gifts that I have to share are not from my perfection, but from my lifelong dance with my flaws. From my increasing ability to share my vulnerabilities powerfully (still learning), and through sharing the incredible lessons and greater truths that I have learned along the way. Whether learned purely through personal experience, or from the many many great teachers and master teachers that I have been blessed to connect with all over this planet.

If you have personal experience with me in my ‘worst’, two things:
1: I sincerely apologize for any negative impact I may have had on you. I can only hope that the experience provided lessons for us both to learn who we are and are not choosing to truly become in this world. The man you had that experience with, good or bad, no longer exists. Just as the you that I last met no longer exists. We are in a state of perpetual growth and evolution. And as iX-CheL taught me: “Transformation occurs in a micro-second”. When we meet again, let’s do so with fresh eyes…
2: May it be a reminder, not of hypocrisy, but that to be on an evolutionary path is not just a light switch of being ‘evolved’ or not, but rather a commitment to continuously look with clear eyes at one’s own ‘flaws’, and remain committed to continuously learn and grow. You do not need to wait until you are some idealized state of perfection to go forth and create amazing things with your life. The world is calling forth for your gifts, NOW…

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