Ignite Intimacy: Men + Sexuality + Dating

//Ignite Intimacy: Men + Sexuality + Dating

Ignite Intimacy: Men + Sexuality + Dating

Here’s a podcast interview I did that just released on the Ignite Intimacy podcast. I’d love to hear what it brought up for you.

In this episode we explore Destin Gerek’s journey to discover his true masculine, first using costume as a “mask” to create a persona to help bring out the core essence that lives underneath.
We discuss gender dynamics, and the loss and confusion some men may feel in this time of the rise of the woman, leading some to resentment and anger, others to disempowerment.
So, how can men passionately manifest their biggest dreams with women and sexuality? How can they find and carry power instead of fighting for power? And how can they use this power to become better, responsible men who show up in a way that is real, true, sensual and passionate? Tune in for the answers on episode 42 of the Ignite Intimacy podcast, Men + Sexuality + Dating with Destin Gerek.

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