Cultivate Your Power, Become an Evolved Lover and Create the Life of Your Dreams…

This is your invitation to become a
truly exceptional man

Yes, I Want to Be An Exceptional Man

What If You Could Create a 180 Degree Change in Your Life –
Across All Aspects:
What if I told you that you can be the truly exceptional man that everyone looks up to, women have always dreamed of and the world desperately needs? A highly evolved leader of men, a deeply satisfying lover of women, living his purpose – a force in the world. Interested? Such an accomplishment may sound like a miracle to you right now or very hard to attain at best. It’s actually much more simple than you realize. It’s the outcome of you stepping up and challenging yourself to become that powerful, highly evolved man and drawing from the best resources to fulfill that challenge. I am calling you to join me and other leading men on a life-changing path of self-mastery. A commitment to evolve your sexual consciousness and show up in life as your most powerful self.

Ask yourself:

Do you sense there is a part of you that is holding back, that you could be a much more powerful force in the world?Do you feel a longing to play a much larger game in life?

Do you know there is “more” to sex than what you are currently enjoying, but just can’t figure out how to get there? Are you longing for a heart-centered, spiritually-connected sex life, a way to deepen your spiritual and sexual connection?

Are you seeking more depth, intimacy and frequent sex in your relationship(s), but struggle to make it happen? Does “pleasing your lover” and “getting what you want” sexually feel like incompatible goals and you worry you will live the rest of your life making compromises that leave you both unfulfilled?

Are you longing to be the confident, powerful lover you know women want, but still feel like your anxieties are getting the best of you?

Do you sense your connection with women could be much deeper? That there is a place of much deeper understanding of and connection with women that’s available – if only you could figure out how to get there?

If you found yourself saying “yes” to one or more of these questions, this is your invitation to a much bigger and fulfilling life.

If you answer this call, you will be joining an exclusive group of high caliber men – pre-screened by me – who will become the new generation of sexually empowered, heart-centered, spiritually connected men changing the world. Men who are ready to achieve in their lives what they once thought was unthinkable. Men who realize that their sexual energy is the root of their powerful creative life force, and that by mastering that, there is no limit to what they can do. Men who were once where you are now, but who decided to take that first step, and are now off and running.

Will you join them – or be left behind?

Introducing: The Evolved Masculine Path

“When I joined the Evolved Masculine Path, I had no idea that my life
would change so powerfully and in more places than just the bedroom.” B.E.

Perhaps you have seen programs or read books that promise to help men “last longer in bed,” maybe even a few that promised “male multiple orgasm.” Maybe you’ve explored “PUA” or dating coaching to find dating fulfillment, only to come away… unfulfilled. Maybe you’ve explored “personal empowerment” programs or spiritual development only to come away feeling incomplete.

And perhaps you’ve tried some of these techniques with varying success.

I promise you will have never experienced a program like this. This is so much more than techniques to last longer, or cheesy pick-up lines, or yet another feel-good “self-help” program. This program is about cultivating that sexual energy inside you, changing you from the inside out, manifesting this into all aspects of your life and connecting you with a powerful “band of brothers,” to support and encourage each other to become truly exceptional men.

Are you longing to learn how to truly please your partner, and carry that confidence that you can please any woman you meet?

Would you like the confidence that comes from having real choice when it comes to sex, partners, and even your orgasms?

Would you like to learn how to last longer in bed?
Are you ready to be a leader? A powerful FORCE changing the world, instead of powerlessly complaining about the world evolving around you?

  • No Gimmicks
  • No Cheesy Systems
  • Powerful Life Changing Transformation

Hear From Men Like You, Who Have
Dramatically Increased Their Sexual Potency

Transform with the Space, Freedom and Support to:

Achieve Deep Masculine Empowerment, to cultivate your unique masculine sexual presence and power and cultivate your energy naturally to supercharge your energy level in EVERYTHING you do, to be the rock-solid, heart-centered man that women are craving.

Cultivate Sexual Self-Mastery – learn how to eliminate your own blocks and limitations, master sexual energy, and have the sexual control you’ve perhaps only dreamed about. Learn to ejaculate when and IF you want and truly master your sexual energy, instead of your energy controlling you.

Understand and Gratify Women – learn how to become that truly “elite” lover and enjoy sexual relationships that are exciting and satisfying beyond your – and her – wildest dreams. Learn how to communicate with heart-centered honesty in a way that opens her to feel safe to express her needs and makes her WANT to please you.

Tap Into Your Sexual Energy for True Greatness – Instead of relating to sex as a fun distraction from “real life,” learn how your sexual energy truly IS your life force, and affects EVERYTHING you do, and learn how to tap into this power in every aspect of your life (something all highly successful people do naturally).


What would it be like to live your life as the “Evolved Masculine?”

  • Owning your deepest desires, with an open heart and profound spiritual connection, as a sexually empowered and integrated man; while embodying and expressing these desires freely in the world.
  • Unlocking the deep well of limitless potential that exists within you.
  • Mastering your sexual energy, that energetic POWERHOUSE inside you that can create life and transform the world – Experiencing Multiple Non-ejaculatory Energetic Orgasms coursing through your entire body; choosing when or IF you ejaculate; full-body orgasms; mastery of sexual energy for yours and her benefit; cultivating your sexual energy to manifest your dreams.
  • Walking through life and the world knowing without a doubt that you could truly satisfy any woman you chose to be with. Embodying a profound understanding of women and how to gratify her every desire. Enjoying being able to carefully choose the quality of partners and relationships YOU want from a place of giving and abundance and cultivating “win-win” relationships that leave you, your partners, and the world a better place.
  • Joining a Tribe of incredible visionary men who see the best in you and help you step up into being your most extraordinary self.
  • Being a Truly Great Leader of Men by channeling the power of your divine sexual energy and being a conscious model and mentor in your life.
  • Taking that powerful “next step” in your spiritual awakening and evolution. Stepping into that bigger “Why?”

What Men Have to Say About The Evolved Masculine Path

Frankly, I was blown away by the amazingly profound and deep sharing, by the enormous ah ha’s, by the transformation we all witnessed, by the leadership Destin provided and so much more. ALready this has been an incredible journey, and I deeply appreciate the comradeship, wisdom and example I (and others) experienced in you. I am so thrilled for what lies ahead.
M.H., California

The PC exercises, breathing, self-exploration, and other practices are AWESOME!! I have experienced sensations and communicative arousals that are brand new and growing to this 68-year-old. This has also been a major part of the greatest shared sexual experiences that I’ve ever had with my lady love..

Anonymous, Evolved Masculine Path
I appreciate the combination of coaching, breath work, and other exercises. Especially, I feel like you create a safe space where I can talk about difficult issues without any judgment, and let myself be vulnerable — or work towards that anyway.
Anonymous, Evolved Masculine Path
My wife and I have been going through a lot the past couple of months, but I think this course has really brought a change in me, not just sexually, but in feeling my male power emerge lots of growth.
K.L., Boston, MA
Working with Destin has changed my sexual self, which in turn has done wondrous transformations in my life. Many thanks to Destin..
E.P., London, England
Destin is a thoroughly empowering coach; he helped me connect and stay connected to my intention, my power, and my ability to tap into the Evolved Masculine within myself..
S.Z., Berlin, Germany
What an amazingly powerful weekend! I feel as if I’ve been shot out of cannon and hit with a cannon ball simultaneously. You men are beautiful souls and spirits. Thank you for embracing and accepting me into the circle so free of judgment. I’m blown away. I know today I’m in a new place spiritually, emotionally, mentally and sexually. I want more and look forward to all that’s coming.
D.T., Evolved Masculine Path

Are You Satisfied With How You Are Showing Up In The World?

It’s a simple yet powerful question.


I believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything. So how are you doing in the bedroom? Are you content with how you are showing up? Or are you ready for More?

The world we live in is evolving at an ever-increasing rate. The longer you wait, the further behind you will begin your journey. It’s never too late in life to begin this journey, but if you feel called to take the next step, you owe it to yourself to act now.

Maybe your sex life is “good,” but not “great.” Maybe you sense your sex life is “good,” but not “great.” Maybe you comfort yourself with the belief “this is just how it is,” or worse, “hey, I’m doing better than this survey I saw on Facebook!” (You know you’re only fooling yourself… right??)

Maybe you and/or your partner feel frustrated and don’t know how to get past your “blocks.” Again, maybe you and your partner lie to yourselves that sexual frustration is a “normal part of relationships.” Sorry… it isn’t.

Maybe you’re having trouble finding or keeping a quality partner and you’re worried you’ll end up alone or stuck in an unfulfilling relationship. Maybe you’ve already given up by withdrawing or throwing your energy into “distractions.”

Maybe you have difficulty expressing your attraction and desire in a way that doesn’t seem “creepy,” “awkward,” or “wrong.”

Maybe you daydream of the fulfilling sex life you want but you’re afraid she’ll find your desires frightening or offensive, or worse you’re afraid she’ll laugh at your desires or think less of you.

Or maybe you have “all that handled,” but perhaps you’re also feeling a sense there is something much more that is possible. And you’re right.
However good you might be in bed, there is much, much more. And however “messed up” you see your life, you can achieve greatness from where you are at.

Maybe you are sick and tired of feeling like a slave to the world, of feeling powerless; maybe you daydream of a life of importance where you are a cause in the world. Maybe again you’ve “settled” and told yourself this is “being realistic” and “growing up.” Yet somehow it all feels very disempowering and draining.

True sexual mastery – true life mastery – isn’t about luck or genetics. It is not something you are born with. It takes commitment, exploration, training and practice. 99% of the men in the world will not take that step and will never know what is truly possible. Are you happy being an “average” (or “below average”) or a “really good” version of everybody else, or are you craving to be extraordinary?

If “good enough” is good enough for you, then this isn’t the right program for you. This is for men who will commit only to true greatness, not settle for adequacy.

Only about 1% of men in the world have taken themselves on in this way and have mastered their sexual and life force energy. Are you ready to become one of these rare World Class Lovers?

I Am Ready To Be a World Class Lover and Leader of Men!
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The Top 5 Benefits of Joining
“The Evolved Masculine Path”

1. Become an Evolved World Class Lover

2. Be Empowered in Life and As a Lover

3. Deeper Connections with All Women and Partners

4. Generate More Money and Professional Success

5. Experience Greater Energy and Health

The Evolved Masculine Path
is a Six-Month Intensive Program
with Many Powerful Layers of Support


Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Video Calls

Expert Advice

Ongoing Support To:
  • Each session we will focus on a different area of development: Masculinity, Sex, Women, Empowerment, Purpose, etc.
  • Share common experiences and get advice from your peers and Destin.

Accountability Buddy

Powerful Peer Support

Weekly Calls To:
  • Share your week to week progress
  • Hold each other accountable and in integrity
  • Help solve each other’s issues that arise during your transformation


Deep Masculine Empowerment Retreat

Transformational Weekend

Learn How To:
  • Live a life of integrity.
  • Get in touch with you masculine power and potential.
  • Become the man you were born to be.

$1997 Value

Secret Facebook Group

An Evolved Community

Lifetime Access To:
  • An active community of “Evolved Masculine Path” current and alumni members
  • A trusted place to post your most important and private questions and get answers from other remarkable men as well as Destin.

Orgasmic Mastery Training

  • Home based self-mastery practices
  • Truly master your ejaculation and sexual energy
  • Become a world-class lover

6 months of Support + Bonus Materials

Ongoing Support

Available When You Need:
  • Access Destin’s Library of created content
  • All past recorded calls, videos, audios, and webinars.
Example Bonus Materials:

emppicMy name is Destin Gerek, I am the founder of the Evolved Masculine Path.I am a transformational empowerment coach who specializes in helping you awaken your masculine sexual energy, while harnessing this new found power to passionately manifest your biggest visions, and create the life of your dreams.

I have worked with multi-millionaires and struggling artists, CEOs and the unemployed, celebrity musicians, authors and actors, coaches and trainers, porn stars and yoga teachers, and regularly speak to and communicate with an audience that spans 6 continents.

I specialize in unlocking the potential in men. I draw forth qualities from my clients they might not see in themselves and open up new realities to men they didn’t know were possible.

Many men come to me with shame, fear, anxieties, guilt and frustration. It’s okay – wherever you are at is just fine. I have experienced all of these feelings in my journey While I’ve grown a lot, it was not a perfect path – I made many mistakes and faced many dark moments.

When I say “If I can do it, you can do it, too,” it’s not because I was born talented or everything came easily. It’s because often I had to work very hard, make a lot of mistakes, and suffer doubts and anxieties along the way. And through that process I’ve learned how to make it easier for you to eventually succeed. I don’t expect you to be perfect, but open and willing to do what it takes to be exceptional.

We all come with our baggage, our stories – things our parents, peers or media told us. Many men struggle with the worry they are “not good enough” and either withdraw or put on a façade to hide their fear from the world. I have worked with many, many men with different but similar stories. The good news is, wherever you are at, you are not alone. And I can help you.

“This is an Exclusive Program with a Private Screening
Process to Ensure that Each Man is a True Fit”

If you have read this far, something is calling you to take this journey. But I am very careful about who I choose for this journey. You don’t have to be an incredible lover right now, but I need to know you have the desire and commitment to make the change and the values to use your gifts wisely. This Program is for men with Leadership Qualities who are Inspired to Live Life at their Edge. The Rare Man who is willing and wanting to take this on as his life path, and in so doing, Master his Life Force Energy in all segments of his life.

Are you one of these Men?

This course is not about the “quick fix.” It will take a real investment of your time, energy and resources, however the results are lifelong and all encompassing.

If you’ve read this far and are still engaged, then perhaps This is Your Calling. Sign up Below for your Complimentary Empowerment Breakthrough Session. In the session you will gain powerful insights into your life and we will discover whether you are the right fit for this potent group of men gathering together to reshape our destinies.

** In order to be enrolled in this program you MUST participate in a one-on-one session with one of my top coaches. This ensures EVERYONE receives the full value of this course and ensures my students are high-quality men who will embody and teach by example the values I live and passionately promote.**

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Read More From the Men I Have Helped
On Their Spiritual Journey…

I’ve always considered myself to be an ‘advanced’ lover and have explored Taoist sexual practices and energetics for years already. Even having explored these realms before I’m getting so much out of my work with Destin! I am so enjoying the exploration- it’s fun, entertaining and empowering; and since I started there ABSOLUTELY has been an enhancement and upgrade in my life! From A+ to A+++…:)
When I first committed to coaching with Destin, I had no idea that things would start radically shifting in my life so quickly. It had been over four years since I had any intimate connection with a woman. Just 10 days after beginning my journey with Destin, I met this incredible woman whom I simply clicked with on every level: mentally, physically, spiritually. And it just kept getting better. I’m having the most passionate and intimate sex of my life (I honestly don’t think I even understood it could be this good!). And somehow this isn’t even the best part. Prior to working with Destin my energy had become so stagnant from so many years of sexual repression and frustration, and now my whole life has come alive. I have now quit my old job and am in the process of launching my big vision project. I finally feel like I am sharing my true, deepest gifts to the world. Destin throws the word ‘magic’ around sometimes, but what can I say, working with Destin has been nothing short of magical.

“The Evolved Masculine Path” is for those Exceptional Men with the desire, commitment and values to do what it takes to transform their lives. We want to create a group of men with strong and intimate bond between all of us and help launch you into your next level of personal evolution and transformation. Application to the program is very selective and all applicants must be pre-screened by me to ensure this group is a strong fit for you.

I look forward to powerfully serving you, and accompanying you on this life-changing journey.

Step into Your Evolved Masculine: Schedule Your FREE Empowerment Breakthrough Session

More Proof of The Power
of The Evolved Masculine Path

Check out this video of the 1st ever Evolved Masculine
Path live transformational weekend

Give Yourself the Gift of Transformation and
Show Up More Powerfully in Your Life!

Schedule Your Complimentary Breakthrough Session and Walk The Evolved Mascuilne Path

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