Understanding the Neuroscience of Sex and Technology (Ep. 016)

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Understanding the Neuroscience of Sex and Technology (Ep. 016)

Clinical Psychotherapist Eva Clay discusses what in our neurology causes us to seek and enjoy intimacy, and how technology interfaces with the brain in the context of intimacy. She brings up Facebook, Tinder, smartphones, and porn sites, illustrating how they can create a barrier to authentic connection. She and Destin discuss the relationship between attention and love, offering potential solutions and ways to deal with the encroachment of technology into the bedroom.


Eva ClayGuest Bio: Eva Clay: An acclaimed psychotherapist, teacher, and sexuality expert, for 20 years Eva’s mission has been to illuminate the ménage-a-trois of soul, sex, and science. Eva believes that self-love is the foundation for healthy relationships, and has helped thousands of people to attract hot and holy love. Eva has trained extensively in mind-body philosophies and as a teacher of neuropsychology, she bodaciously reminds us that the biggest sex organ is the brain. Eva’s been privileged to study with some of the great teachers of our time, including David Deida, Esther Perel, and Harville Hendrix. Her courses are an elegant marriage of the profound and the playful, and when she’s not traveling the world teaching, you’ll find her making mayhem on a dance floor.

Eva offers elite coaching for men, women and couples on on self-love, pleasure, and erotic intelligence.

Check out her work here.

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