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Evolved Masculine

Do the work that men need, that you’re good at, that the world needs, that you love, and that you can be paid for.

Transform Men’s Lives

The signs are clear. You see it all around you. Maybe you’ve lived it yourself. Men are hurting. The old ways of being a man in the world are no longer working. With women increasingly stepping into their power, some men have become unsure of how they fit in. The #metoo social media campaign brought so many of these responses to the surface. Many men were simply silent, uncertain how to respond. Others were challenged by the perception that men were the problem, and responded with shutdown or anger.

Yet, there is an alternative way for men, a way for them to cultivate harmonious relationships with women while remaining connected to their sense of masculine power. You want to support men in this. You feel the calling to do this work, to usher in a new way of being a man.

Confident. Grounded. Centered in his heart yet solid in his own sexual expression.​ Capable of deep intimacy and vulnerability.​​​​​​

The Tools to Get Started NOW

You don’t want to wait. And you don’t have to. The world needs your gifts NOW, not in several years. Learn how to begin doing this work wherever you are on your own journey, and how to do it with integrity.
You want the confidence that what you’re offering is valuable, and you want the ability to speak about it powerfully.
We’ve got you covered.
My career has been shaped by my missteps, and it’s taken me 20 years to get to this point. I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to.


An Immersive 6-Day Training

With the Intensive and 8 weeks additional training, you will:

We Invest In Your Success

When you make the decision to embark upon a path of service, you want to feel held and supported in that decision. So many programs out there give you a list of steps and a script to follow. We recognize that this approach is not effective. You need personalized support, and we’re here to provide it. I’m a 20-Year Veteran in this work. I have a deep understanding of and compassion for both men and women, and how, if you so choose, you can begin to successfully walk the path of leadership.

We use a holistic mind/body/spirit approach to creating leaders. There are no magic bullets or gimmicks. Part of you may resist. Part of you may question your worthiness at times, your ability to lead. That, too, is part of the journey. We’ve got you.

Make Your Passion Your Life, Your Business Your Passion

The most common desire for men and women stepping into this work is to have their passion and their business align. You are passionate about masculine/feminine dynamics and sexuality. That’s how you got here.

You know this isn’t simply men teaching men about women, sex, and how to be a man. You recognize the depth of this work. It is not pick-up artistry, nor is it purely personal growth. We use men’s drive towards women and sex as a gateway into their personal and spiritual development, and help you learn to do so yourself.

We train women who want to take on this work as well. And they’re not just showing up as guest experts (though we have several of those as well). We work with women who are just as deeply committed to supporting men.
If you’re a woman, you will find value in learning how men approach working with men.
If you’re a man, you will find value in learning how a woman can support a man on his path.
We are cultivating an environment of depth, sharing, and unconditional mutual support. This is the work that the world needs, and we are committed to radical inclusion.


Dates: Sep 11-16, 2018
2 Weeks online training before & 6 weeks after.
Location: TBD, Southern California.
$5997 Until Sold Out​
Early Bird (May 15 – July 15, 2018): $5497 6 Remaining
Super Early Bird (Until May 15): $4997 4 Remaining

Apply now. Space is limited and filling quickly.

Training Schedule:

DAY 1: Welcome, Introduction. Becoming a powerful leader, Clarifying who you want to serve, what their pain/struggles are, and the results you want to help provide them.​​​​
DAY 2 : Working with men surrounding confidence & empowerment, masculinity, and what it means to be a man.
DAY 3: Working with men surrounding their sexuality. Sexual Self-Mastery.
DAY 4:  Working with men surrounding their relationships with women and the feminine (both external and internal).
DAY 5:  What in you must die so that the leader may be born? Honing your voice. The Energetics of Leaderships. The art and science of Enrollment, along with enrollment practice sessions.
DAY 6: Enrollment part 2. Surprise content, and Wrap-up.

You will learn how to work with men who:

  • Need confidence
  • Want a better life, and are seeking guidance
  • Have difficulty with premature ejaculation or with reaching climax
  • Have “performance issues”
  • Experience difficulty getting or maintaining an erection
  • Experience relationship dissatisfaction
  • Want more and better sex
  • Want more variety with their sexual partner(s), and how to help them with the conversation.
  • Experience shutdown in their heart
  • Want to find “the one”
  • Have a partner pressuring them to work on themselves
  • Fear their partner will leave them
  • Are dissatisfied with their career, and want to find purpose

In addition, we will discuss:

How to establish a social media presence.
Tips and Tricks for creating regular content.
How to create safe spaces for men.
The importance of and strategies for creating value for men.


The Evolved Masculine Path

As part of Evolved Masculine Leadership, you will learn how we launched, market, and maintain the Evolved Masculine Path, the premiere men’s group for masculinity and conscious male sexuality. Learn more in the video below or visit evolvedmasculine.com/emp.