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Evolved Masculine

Claim Your Masculine Power. Redesign Your Life. On Your Terms.

You’ve been gliding your way through life doing what you think is right, doing what you think you should do and taking what life has given to you. When you sit with yourself, however, you realize you’re not fulfilled.
You want more.
You want to know that you’re living your purpose. You want to wake up in the morning energized, grounded, present, and ready to create the life that deep in your heart you have always known was possible.

The Most Effective Tool to Develop Confidence and Take Inspired Action

To a man, those who have fully engaged with this material walk away with a more powerful sense of self. It’s not just another online course to help you learn something. It is not information, but a whole new way of life. The Evolved Masculine Empowerment program is a 3-month transformational journey that will have you create an “evolved masculine archetype,” a vision of yourself 2-3 years in the future that is so compelling that you are naturally drawn to become him. Stronger, more confident, solid in himself and his purpose. Then, you will be given practices through a 20-video series to help you anchor him into your body, the way you hold yourself, the way you dress, speak, and ultimately in your external world, your home.

Develop the compassionate confidence you’ve admired in others and eliminate “Nice Guy Syndrome.”

Evolved Masculine Empowerment

You Will Receive:
In this Program You Will:
  • Create a compelling “Evolved Masculine Archetype” to strive towards
  • Examine and shift the habits and patterns that are keeping you from success
  • Connect with your inner animal, your primal self
  • Reimagine your appearance, the way you dress, and the way you move
  • Deepen your relationship to your sense of purpose, mission, and legacy
  • Learn how to take criticism well and use failure to your advantage
  • Heal ancestral wounding and improve your familial relationships
  • Understand the power of integrity, and how to cultivate it