Do you desire Sex, Money & Power?

Do you desire Sex, Money & Power?

Sex, Money, and Power: Three things that our world is obsessed with! It seems that most people are either fixated with obtaining as much of these as possible, or they effectively renounce these things, fearful of them ‒ which ultimately is its own form of obsession. Like most of us, I grew up in a society that told me that sex and our desires were something to be ashamed about. While I let go of that belief earlier than most, especially with sex, I still held onto beliefs for years after, such as:

  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Wealthy people are the cause of all that’s wrong with the world today.
  • Power is inherently harmful, and equates to domination and control.

  One thing I have noticed is that in communities where sex, money, and power, are generally related to in a negative way, (often spiritual/“conscious” communities), people’s behaviors around these three potent aspects of humanity come out in really distorted – and even nasty – ways… What is your relationship to sex, money, and power? Do you crave more in your life? Do you deny their importance in life? How? And

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what does it even mean to have “right relationship” with them?   Being Held Back by Belief I realized that my old beliefs were affecting my ability to have the life that I wanted to have, and the impact on the world that I felt so driven to create. After all, “they” had all the money and power, therefore, I must have little, or certainly not enough. I felt such a deep calling that I had something to bring to this world, and yet the more I clung to these beliefs, the more powerless I felt to actually do anything meaningful. How was I supposed to change the world when I struggled to pay my rent? Today, Life is Radically Different I have cultivated a high degree of personal empowerment that allows me to do what I want, when I want. I am surrounded with an abundance of feminine and sexual energies throughout my life. I have built a six-figure and rising company doing that is expanding at an exponential rate. …All while doing exactly what I believe I was put on this planet to do: Acting as a catalyst for the evolution of global sexual consciousness. So what changed that allowed these massive shifts to occur? Well, it all started by CHOOSING it. By:

  • Recognizing that my old beliefs and ways of being are no longer working for me (Awareness).
  • Believing that it is possible for me to experience something different, and believing that I am capable, even if I have no idea how.
  • Making a clear, unequivocal commitment to creating change.
  • Seeking out support, coaching, and mentoring from those who now have that which I wanted to create.
  • Not giving up, no matter what life throws at me. (Fall down seven times, Get up eight).
  • Oh, and I used the potency of my sexual energy to fuel the transformation process. Stay engaged to learn more about how that works…

What is Your Relationship to Sex, Money, and Power? Take a few minutes to do this short sentence stem exercise: Either pull out a piece of paper, or open a blank document. As rapidly as you can (stream of conscious, without editing yourself), finish these sentences, ten times each: Sex is… Sex is… Sex is… Sex is… Sex is… Sex is… Sex is… Sex is… Sex is… Sex is… Money is… Money is… Money is… Money is… Money is… Money is… Money is… Money is… Money is… Money is… Power is… Power is… Power is… Power is… Power is… Power is… Power is… Power is… Power is… Power is… Share with us on my Facebook post about what you noticed from doing this process. We’ll be incorporating and using your answers to fuel the discussion in our upcoming webinar. In service, Destin

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