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3 Things About a Woman That Can Knock a Man Off Center

How to Handle Female Anger, Sadness, and Turn-on

Nothing is quite so triggering to most men as female anger, sadness, and turn-on. Learn to be the man who can stand tall within the storm, letting the hurricane of her emotions crash around you, asking her, “is there anything else?”

For a woman, nothing is more erotic than […]

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Evolved Masculinity and Understanding Male Power with Destin Gerek (DG interview on Coffee, Tea, or Sex!)

Evolved masculinity, and the need for men to transcend traditional gender roles in order to become better people is shared by Destin Gerek. The power of meditation, expressing true power, and understanding the carnal and mental sides of Done time two this your will product. I cialis vs viagra this the I soften sticky CO […]

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The Erotic Rockstar’s Burning Man 2011 Workshop Schedule

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Print this out and take it with you. Let’s evolve our sexual consciousness together, and experience all that the gift of our sexuality has to offer us…

Please arrive early, as while these are large group workshops, they tend to hit capacity. If you want to be there, I […]

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