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Sexual Consciousness

Diving Deep: A Live Coaching Webinar with Destin Gerek

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Redefining Masculinity for the 21st Century (and What it Means for YOU!)

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Below are links to the recordings of our webinar “Redefining Masculinity for the 21st Century (and What it Means for YOU!).

Redefining Masculinity for the 21st Century (& What it Means for You!) (Command-Click to download)

At the end, I offered you a complimentary ‘Sexuality Breakthrough Session’ to get a clear sense […]

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The Next Sexual (r)Evolution…

What we are seeing is a point in time in the development of our sexual consciousness. We’ve had thousands of years of incredible repression around our sexuality. We’ve had decades now of that repression beginning to lift. I’m not surprised that after being kept locked in the dark of the basement to fester for so […]

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Pornography, erotic media and the power of sexual exploration.

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Evolving Our Sexual Consciousness

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We live in a time of great transformational shift in human consciousness. Part of that shift MUST be a shift in our consciousness around our sexuality. It is time to heal our connection to our own eroticism.

This is for you to strengthen your connection to your own erotic self. Release shame and […]

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What is Tantric Sex?

I was just sent a message asking: What is Tantric Sex? My reply: I could give a thousand definitions, but here’s a quick and easy one… Tantric Sex: The interweaving of one’s sexuality and spirituality. Coming into the present moment of NOW. Being fully in your body. Releasing all goals, worries, fears, Set, this night… […]

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