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Sexual Consciousness

Love Evolved: A Spiritual/Sexual Transformational Adventure

Are you in a committed relationship?
This is a unique opportunity for ONE special couple to a magical transformational adventure for you and your beloved to remember for a lifetime!

This is an adventure of love.
This is an adventure of intimacy.
This is an adventure of passion.

What kind of relationship are you co-creating […]

#nationalcomingoutday My sexual journey has been…

#nationalcomingoutday My sexual journey has been… complex. Having spent my mid-teens to late-twenties arguably more connected to my feminine side than my masculine side, other people generally assumed that I was gay. Which had always confused me given how much I loved pussy (and women). At a certain point tho, I began wondering if other […]

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Expand Your Palette of Pleasurable Possibilities – Become a Sex Artist!

So often men focus on what works. We have the tendency towards the practical. In bed, however, it can benefit you to allow yourself to expand your range. Rather than a problem to be solved, consider a woman’s body to be a blank canvas spread out in front of you. Become a sex artist, painting […]

Owning Your Sexual Desire Vs Shutting It Down

If you’ve ever struggled with women being skeptical of your intentions, you’re not alone. Men are often on the defensive from the very beginning, trying to assure women that they aren’t just trying to engage sexually, ignoring the reason they wanted to speak with the woman to begin with: They felt sexually turned on!

Most men […]

Erotic Superpowers and Sex Beyond Porn: Destin Interviewed on “Coffee, Tea, or Sex?”

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The Top Ten Mistakes Men Make in Bed…

NEVER Make These Again!

After having worked with thousands of men over the years, there are certain mistakes that I’ve seen pop up again and again (not to mention having listened to thousands of women make the same complaints about their experiences with men…)

To celebrate the launch of my new course, Erotic Superpowers, I made this […]

How to Make Her Beg For Sex with Erotic Super Powers

Got Erotic Super Powers? Learn to tease and open up her animal nature and make her beg for sex.

In this video you will learn the basics of building a woman’s anticipation so she gets wetter and wetter until she’s begging for it. Don’t just go straight for “the honey pot”, slowly work around the […]

Gratifying Women: Creating Sexual Trust

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Your Transformation in Tokyo (Part 2)

Moshi Moshi,  (an informal Japanese greeting: roughly: ‘Hi Hi’)

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the Transformational adventure in Tokyo.

The biggest question being, “What kind of results can I expect to experience?”

My answer: Aim high and dream big.

You will be amazed as to how much can shift in such a short period of time.


Meet David:

When […]

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Transformation in Tokyo…

In case you aren’t fluent in Japanese, that translates roughly to: “Let’s begin a friendship”. It is used as a greeting upon first meeting someone in Japan.

I have been to 25 countries so far, and nowhere has felt quite as unusual, intriguing, captivating and foreign as Japan.
Are you ready to experience a transformational
adventure of a […]

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