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Taking FULL Responsibility, Loving Yourself and Being Good Enough w/Michael Hrostoski on “The Evolved Masculine: Redefining Sex, Power & Success” (Ep. 006)

Michael Hrostoski, founder of The School for Men, joins Destin Gerek to discuss what it ‘really’ means to take full responsibility for your life, the power of falling in love with yourself and finally feeling ‘good enough’, their own perilous journey full of pitfalls that got them to where they are today, and of course […]

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The Rockstar DJ Lifestyle & Navigating Women with Integrity (Ep. 008)

BURNING MAN! I just came back from my 12th(!) Burning Man, and yes, I made a point of recording a show out there with one of my favorite music producers, David Block aka The Human Experience. If you enjoy the music in our opening to the show and the Enticing Desire commercial, well, that’s his […]

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Your Core Erotic Blueprint with Jaiya Ma (Episode 002)

Are you sexually wired? Sensually wired? Kinky? Energetic? Or are you a Shape-shifter like me? Four time author and sex educator extraordinaire Jaiya Ma will be our guest as we break some stereotypes regarding men and sex, while helping you get a clearer understanding of your sexual desires and how to get both your and […]

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What is the Evolved Masculine? What Can It Do for You?

Triambika Ma Vive joins our host Destin Gerek to have a deep and passionate conversation exploring the unique sets of challenges facing men in today’s world. What does it even mean anymore to ‘Be a good man’ in today’s world? How do we as men not only step up as men in this world, but […]

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