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Destin Gerek 2013 Burning Man Speaking Schedule

How does our sexuality fit into this evolution? What if our sexuality wash´t even just something that we need to remember to bring along for the ride, but rather the very thing that can fuel our most powerful transformation yet?

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The Embodied Man: Clearing Out Limiting Beliefs

There’s lots to update.
I’ve been busting my butt putting this weekend together.
It is coming together incredibly powerfully.

The Embodied Man Weekend: Stepping Deeper into Your Masculine Sexual Power…

We have an amazing diverse set of men that have already registered for this transformational experience. Including:

50 year old men who are decades into actively exploring their spiritual and […]

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The Embodied Man Weekend: Stepping Deeper into Your Masculine Sexual Power…

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Evolving Our Sexual Consciousness presentation

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The Erotic Rockstar’s Burning Man 2011 Workshop Schedule

To view the Facebook Event page, click HERE!

Print this out and take it with you. Let’s evolve our sexual consciousness together, and experience all that the gift of our sexuality has to offer us…

Please arrive early, as while these are large group workshops, they tend to hit capacity. If you want to be there, I […]

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Holding Space with Allana Pratt

What does it mean to hold space for a woman?
What do you do when the woman you are with expresses her emotions with intensity?
How do you respond?
Watch this video to find out…

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Pubic Hair is making a comeback…

Last Saturday, cialis 20 mg I was a guest on the Dr. Susan Block show. I was pleasantly surprised that 2/3s of the women at the Dr. Susan Block Show had pubic hair. The tide is turning. And I’m thrilled about it. Pubic hair is sexy. And gives a whole other way of creating […]

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Evolving Our Sexual Consciousness – Ubud, Bali April 2nd-3rd, 2011

Click image for larger view:

Evolving Our Sexual Consciousness

April 2nd-3rd 9am – 6:30pm
Located at the gorgeous Santa Mandela
(Exact location given upon registration)

We live in a time of great transformational shift in human consciousness. Part of that shift MUST be a shift in our consciousness around our sexuality. It is time to heal our connection to our […]

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Experiencing Pain, Partying w Rockstars, Sexy Women, Melting Heart, Stepping Up

How is your New Year’s starting?

I must say, mine is off to an incredibly powerful and delicious start.

My New Year’s experience started on December 30th. It was a day filled with challenges, and deep reflection and introspection.

I was faced with some very difficult situations, but I confronted them face on, dived into the fire, and […]

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Late night ramblings and reflections of mistakes of the past year…

December 31, 2010 2:00am The final day of 2010 has just begun. I’ve spent this evening in a state of reflection. I spend quite a bit of time focused on the positive. Focused on what is going right, and how I am continuing to move my vision forward in the world. And I believe that […]

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