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Reclaiming Male Role Models: Sexual Mastery and Masculine Empowerment

“Reclaiming Male Role Models” is a podcast by Bob Schwenkler exploring:
From the country’s most inspiring men on breaking down isolation, living our deepest purpose, and creating authentically powerful relationships with self and loved ones.

This was an intense interview, and my first time speaking publicly about my relationship with my own father and it’s influence on […]

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Better Love and Sex: The Demonization of Male Sexuality (fun and sexy interview)

This was an incredibly fun and sexy, and of course informative, interview.


“Devi speaks with Holistic Sex Educator and Transformational Coach, Destin Gerek about male sexual passion vs. aggression, the current confused state of the heterosexual male in America, and what women and men can do to change that!”



Or you can download this podcast (and subscribe […]

I’m fuct up, you’re fuct up, we’re all fuct up. Now what?

Whether by calling, choice, or some combination thereof, this is a crazy, intense, powerful path that I seem to be on. All these years of actively choosing again and again to become this man that I see is possible in my greatest visions of myself, and yet, repeatedly tested, repeatedly making mistakes, as my struggles […]

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Evolve LIVE – Could 2015 Be Your Year For Magic? Free Webinar RECORDING Imagine your life filled with all the things you dream of. Picture a life where you’re no longer wishing or hoping for the mind-blowing sex, heart-awakening love and spiritual connection you want – because your life is full of this, every day? Can you even imagine such a life for yourself – all […]

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The Demonization of Male Sexuality

We are in the midst of a crisis in male sexuality. On the one hand, women are rising up, coming together, claiming their power, finding their voice, even owning their sexuality. Society is responding by condemning the injustices perpetrated against women – assault, abuse and oppression of women is no longer acceptable, and the […]

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Diving Deep: A Live Coaching Webinar with Destin Gerek

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Destin Gerek 2013 Burning Man Speaking Schedule

How does our sexuality fit into this evolution? What if our sexuality wash´t even just something that we need to remember to bring along for the ride, but rather the very thing that can fuel our most powerful transformation yet?

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The Embodied Man: Clearing Out Limiting Beliefs

There’s lots to update.
I’ve been busting my butt putting this weekend together.
It is coming together incredibly powerfully.

The Embodied Man Weekend: Stepping Deeper into Your Masculine Sexual Power…

We have an amazing diverse set of men that have already registered for this transformational experience. Including:

50 year old men who are decades into actively exploring their spiritual and […]

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The Embodied Man Weekend: Stepping Deeper into Your Masculine Sexual Power…

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Evolving Our Sexual Consciousness presentation

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