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Ignite Intimacy: Men + Sexuality + Dating

Here’s a podcast interview I did that just released on the Ignite Intimacy podcast. I’d love to hear what it brought up for you.

In this episode we explore Destin Gerek’s journey to discover his true masculine, first using costume as a “mask” to create a persona to help bring out the core essence that […]

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Protected: A Powerful Proposal for Duncan

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Protected: JasonC

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Sexual Attunement: From Enticing Desire to Erotic Superpowers

There is a solution to consent violations beyond ‘getting a verbal yes every step of the way’. 10 years ago, I became determined to be a fully sexually expressed man whom also moved through the world with deep integrity and a love and honor of women. I developed a way of being that allowed me […]

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Love Evolved: A Spiritual/Sexual Transformational Adventure

Are you in a committed relationship?
This is a unique opportunity for ONE special couple to a magical transformational adventure for you and your beloved to remember for a lifetime!

This is an adventure of love.
This is an adventure of intimacy.
This is an adventure of passion.

What kind of relationship are you co-creating […]

Evolved Masculinity and Understanding Male Power with Destin Gerek (DG on Coffee, Tea, or Sex!)

Evolved masculinity, and the need for men to transcend traditional gender roles in order to become better people is shared by Destin Gerek. The power of meditation, expressing true power, and understanding the carnal and mental sides of the male spirit is discussed, as we see how to unlock the intellectually sensitive and […]

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On Evolving Sexual Consciousness – Interview with Destin Gerek (Love Your Life Radio)

Subject expert Destin Gerek discusses questions relevant to men and women alike: What does it mean to be a good man today? Old paradigms don’t hold any longer, and with general confusion in both men and women, we have to start a new discussion about sex, understanding our own sexuality and embracing it as […]

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Erotic Superpowers and Sex Beyond Porn: Destin Interviewed on “Coffee, Tea, or Sex?”

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Transformation in Tokyo…

In case you aren’t fluent in Japanese, that translates roughly to: “Let’s begin a friendship”. It is used as a greeting upon first meeting someone in Japan.

I have been to 25 countries so far, and nowhere has felt quite as unusual, intriguing, captivating and foreign as Japan.
Are you ready to experience a transformational
adventure of a […]

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Ascent Expo ~ Sexuality and Tantra Panel with Mark Abadi

In February, I spoke on the Sexuality and Tantra Panel at the Ascent Expo in Los Angeles. You can now watch our discussion on YouTube. With Mark Abadi leading us, we talk about integrating sexuality and eroticism with divinity and devotion; how to initiate your own exploration of intimacy and sensuality; and more! Watch on […]

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