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Love Evolved: A Spiritual/Sexual Transformational Adventure

Are you in a committed relationship?
This is a unique opportunity for ONE special couple to a magical transformational adventure for you and your beloved to remember for a lifetime!

This is an adventure of love.
This is an adventure of intimacy.
This is an adventure of passion.

What kind of relationship are you co-creating […]

Trump, Misogyny, the alt-right, The Red Pill community, MRAs, etc.

Unfortunately, some of the worst aspects of male behavior have first been brought into the spotlight (Grab them by the pussy. When you’re a star they let you do it. You can do whatever you want. etc.), and then seemingly at least tacitly accepted by the voting public by Trump’s election win.

All of this […]

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Expand Your Palette of Pleasurable Possibilities – Become a Sex Artist!

So often men focus on what works. We have the tendency towards the practical. In bed, however, it can benefit you to allow yourself to expand your range. Rather than a problem to be solved, consider a woman’s body to be a blank canvas spread out in front of you. Become a sex artist, painting […]

Owning Your Sexual Desire Vs Shutting It Down

If you’ve ever struggled with women being skeptical of your intentions, you’re not alone. Men are often on the defensive from the very beginning, trying to assure women that they aren’t just trying to engage sexually, ignoring the reason they wanted to speak with the woman to begin with: They felt sexually turned on!

Most men […]

Gratifying Women: Creating Sexual Trust

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Seduction: A Call to Service

(Guest Post by Arden Leigh)

Seduction often gets a bad rap. Even its literal definition derived from its Latin etymology, “to lead astray,” makes it seem corrupting and manipulative. At its best, it carries a reputation of being centered around one’s own self-interest, around what we are going to get from our target.

When I first began […]

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Better Love and Sex: The Demonization of Male Sexuality (fun and sexy interview)

This was an incredibly fun and sexy, and of course informative, interview.


“Devi speaks with Holistic Sex Educator and Transformational Coach, Destin Gerek about male sexual passion vs. aggression, the current confused state of the heterosexual male in America, and what women and men can do to change that!”



Or you can download this podcast (and subscribe […]

The Battle of The Sexes – The Sexuality Show Ep 8 w/Destin Gerek

Are you unable to have the sexual relationships you want to have or even relate well to the opposite sex because you are caught in the battle of the sexes? Do you harbor resentment towards the opposite sex due to past hurt and blame them for the social problems in the dating world? Don’t worry, […]

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Guest Blog: 10 steps to trust your primal erotic expression

If you don’t trust your own sexuality, then why would anyone else? 10 steps to trust your primal erotic expression.

A few years ago I realized a big reason I surrounded myself with women who were insightful and distrustful of masculine sexuality was because I was similarly untrusting of my own sexuality.  I figured, if I […]

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Protected: Russell Brand — Evolving Our Sexual Consciousness

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