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Ignite Intimacy: Men + Sexuality + Dating

Here’s a podcast interview I did that just released on the Ignite Intimacy podcast. I’d love to hear what it brought up for you.

In this episode we explore Destin Gerek’s journey to discover his true masculine, first using costume as a “mask” to create a persona to help bring out the core essence that […]

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Protected: A Powerful Proposal for Duncan

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Destin Wakes Up with Morning Hangover on 100.7 FM (Ep 27.5)

Recently, I was invited to be on Morning Hangover on 100.7 FM in St. Louis, Missouri. It was a 20-minute segment on a rock radio station with hilarious hosts DC and Erin, so a bit different from my typical forum. They wanted to know how I became the “Rock and Roll Sex Dude” and what […]

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Protected: JasonC

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Brief Hiatus and Free Gift

We are taking a short break here at The Evolved Masculine podcast. Please explore the other 28 episodes in the meantime. And while you are at it, download The Evolved Masculine Blueprint 10-minute guided audio as my free gift to help you step into your own Evolved Masculine Archetype.   To learn more about […]

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Sexual Attunement: From Enticing Desire to Erotic Superpowers

There is a solution to consent violations beyond ‘getting a verbal yes every step of the way’. 10 years ago, I became determined to be a fully sexually expressed man whom also moved through the world with deep integrity and a love and honor of women. I developed a way of being that allowed me […]

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S*xtraordinary Living with Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson (Ep. 27)

Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson are somatic s*xual healers. In this episode, Destin explores with them what that means, and how our past experiences are stored within our bodies as well as our minds. They offer insight into how to release past trauma from the body to allow for emotional and s*xual freedom.
Dr. Heike and […]

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Undressing the Fantasy of Arden Leigh

Seductress and former Pro-Domme Arden Leigh shares with Destin her journey into her sexuality and how she has shifted from playing into the male fantasy through her work with seduction to embracing the parts of herself she believed men did not want to see. With rapier wit and full-frontal honesty, Arden sheds the trappings of […]

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Navigating Conflict in Relationship with Jayson Gaddis (Ep. 25)

In this episode, Jayson Gaddis provides valuable information for men who experience conflict in relationship. He provides a way of looking at relationships that will help men step off of the rollercoaster and manage their own triggers so they can show up in a way that leads to more harmonious relating.

Jayson Gaddis, relationship student […]

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How Good Men Will Change the World (Ep. 24)

Our world is in crisis. In this episode, Destin clearly responds to the toxic masculinity we see in the highest levels of our world leadership. This episode is your wake-up call. We have the opportunity and the responsibility now, more than ever, to own our power and ability to bring about a global shift in […]

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