Transcend Your Limitations and Impact the World With Your Greatness

Designed for exceptional men and women that desire to reach their highest potential. 1-on-1 private coaching is a life changing path that can shatter the glass ceilings of even the most successful and influential of people.

“Working with Destin Gerek is the best investment I’ve ever made for spiritual & self development. His work is transformational and empowering.” – Henry Hamilton – Eagle Pointe, Oregon

My clients are Kings and Queens, powerful men and women who have achieved a level of success in their lives that most people will never allow themselves to even dream possible.

They’re not simply financially successful, but cultural influencers – business owners, celebrities, entertainers, professional athletes and community leaders.  Many are multi-millionaires who could easily rest on their laurels and cash reserve, but instead come to me because they want to create something even bigger in the world.

And from this select group, I choose those who truly inspire me – inspire me with how they are showing up in the world, what they’re creating and what they seek to achieve with my help.
My clients already play a big game.  My job is to show these powerful, influential, inspirational people how to play an even bigger one.

I work with my private 1:1 clients by invitation or referral only.  They come to me because, like all kings and queens, they aren’t content achieving greatness in one aspect of their lives – they demand greatness in every part of their lives.  And they have proven to me their commitment to doing whatever it takes to achieve the highest levels of greatness.

Your Invitation to Greatness

If this resonates with you, then that’s my offer – a call to greatness. I won’t accept anything less than your greatness. In our time together I will demand your best.

I won’t accept half-measures, excuses or stories.  I will demand your full presence and commitment. Your old patterns, the unhealthy parts of you that you know no longer serve you  don’t have a place in our work together. This is true mind/body/spirit transformation.


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See How 1-on-1 Coaching
Changed These Men’s Lives

Integrate Your Sexual/Spiritual Self

A core piece of the work that I do involves the integration of your sexuality and your spirituality. How does your sexuality, this potent life-force energy, currently integrate with your journey? Your sexual energy is immensely powerful, and yet it has been locked down and controlled in most societies for centuries or beyond.  It’s impossible to grow up in this sex-negative climate and escape completely unscathed.  Everybody has their “stuff” when it comes to their sexuality and their bodies; what is yours?  And just how much energy, consciously or unconsciously, is being locked up in that “stuff”?  Together, we will shine a light on these blocks, release them, and in so doing, create a surge of potent life-force energy through your system, that we will then channel toward transformational change

Your Life Has Infinite Possibilities
Challenge Yourself
To Live Them

You are not the clothes that you wear. You are not the job that you have. You are not the skin that you inhabit. You are not the personality that you present to other people. Ultimately, you are the essence that lies underneath all of that – that from which all those things spring forth. And that core essence has infinite possibilities.

Are you ready to live in the land of infinite possibilities? What is your “impossible” dream? Maybe even your secret dream? What is the dream that maybe you don’t even tell anybody else about—maybe it’s a dream that you don’t often even let yourself think about. What if it were possible?

Because it is possible.  That dream you are afraid to dream because it’s “too big,” is your inspiration yearning to come forth into the world.

I don’t believe in accidents… If you have read this far, there is a reason.

What if Your Destiny Was Calling You – Right Now?

Are you ready to answer that call?

If you are world-class, or you are ready to be, if you are feeling the call to create this high level of transformational change in your life, contact me for a complimentary personal consultation.

I rarely take on new clients who haven’t been referred to me.  My favorite clients are ones who challenge and inspire me and are fully open to being challenged and inspired.

My goal is to select clients who are fully committed and will make the biggest impact in the world from our work together.

My coaching is not “by the book.”  Everything I do is carefully crafted for the individual in front of me.  And it is not for everyone, only the exceptional.

Are you exceptional or ready to be?

Then Contact Us To Learn More About 1-on-1 Coaching!


“Working with Destin 1-on-1 has changed my life in  more ways than I thought possible when I first started working with a coach. Destin’s  attention to detail and custom  program helped me tackle personal challenges with women that have affected me my entire adult life. “

Jamie H.

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